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Ben 10 Alien Force: Game Creator is one of the many games by Cartoon Network, in which we will have to impersonate the young hero Ben 10. Unlike the other games, however, this is divided into two parts: the most compelling one consists in creating the their own game, with their own scenarios, implementing functions and dynamics, based exclusively on their own personal taste. The second mode, on the other hand, consists in putting oneself to the test with the always different games recreated by the millions of players who have tried their hand at creating their own personal scenario.
To recreate the battlefield it will be necessary to follow real stages, in which to give vent to one's creativity.

Game starter
The first necessary step will be to start building your game with a random background, which will then be implemented considerably. Initially you will be able to choose between eight different "starters", both in terms of colors and shapes (more or less complex and difficult to avoid).

Subsequently we will need to equip our mini game with a background - background, in fact - choosing from twenty different proposals. It will be possible to choose between 20 different settings, from the city to the countryside, passing through the forests, the mountains and the open space, so dear to the writers of Ben 10.

The third step will be to choose the hero with whom you will have to try your hand at the game; the alien characters are numerous - among the many we remember Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Echo Echo and Ultimate Cannobolt, all protagonists of games available online - and for each of them, in addition to the name, the main characteristics and the moves are indicated. The choice of the character and his strength is necessary to decide whether to provide the player - at least at the start - with an already strong and enhanced hero, or a hero to train and grow during the numerous levels of the game.

Very interesting is the possibility to choose the game mode: it will be possible, in fact, to outline the objectives of our video game. The choice is between "Battle all enemies", in which it will be necessary to reach the end of the game by defeating all the enemies one by one; "Collect all orbs", in which the objective will not be to destroy the enemy aliens, but to collect and collect all the objects scattered in the game scenario; "Battle all enemies and collect all orbs", game mode that provides the characteristics of the two previous ones, combined. The latter certainly guarantees a more complete and difficult overall level of play.

Level design
The fifth step is probably the most fun, the one in which it will be necessary to embellish our game, with stones and objects to collect, with rocks or solid bases on which to walk, or evanescent rocks, on which it is possible to jump and stand for a few seconds. . In this phase the choice of enemies - more or less strong - and their total number is also foreseen (in this sense, there are no limitations). At any time, it will be possible to cancel what has been done by going back by clicking with the mouse on the appropriate arrows on the sides of the screen.

After having scrupulously followed the previous instructions, and having saved your game scenario, it will be possible to test it, to verify the difficulty and the possibilities of victory, both of you and of the many virtual players who will try it.

Good fun!

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