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Costumes and masks of Captain America

On this page you will find a series of links, about the sale of costumes and masks of Captain America. For any information click on the item, read the description and contact the advertiser directly. Compare prices between the various types of clothing

  • The masks and costumes of the Captain America characters are one of the most loved products by children. This is because wearing objects and clothes of their pets to the little ones will seem to become the heroes of the heart, imagining to live their adventures.

    On the market there are masks and costumes of the characters of many cartoons, such as the best known super heroes, the "stars" of the smallest children without forgetting the various characters of the multiple Japanese souls.

    Usually the costumes and masks of cartoon characters are made of plastic and synthetic fabrics. The garments can be machine washed, with a classic wash at 20 or 30 degrees, some, more delicate, may need to be treated by hand with a very delicate wash. Any accessories can be in plastic or foam rubber.

    Regarding the recommended age there is no real limit, because on the market there are masks and costumes of cartoon characters of all sizes, including those for newborn babies. Being products for children they are made with non-harmful materials and fabrics. If accessories are present it is good to be sure that there are no dangerous parts or that can be swallowed by younger children. The general advice is to start wearing costumes from kindergarten, when you begin to become aware of your passions and you begin to recognize and love the different heroes of cartoons.

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