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Vaiana fashion doll swimmer doll

Vaiana fashion doll swimmer dolls

The Vaiana fashion doll is characterized by the collected hair as it is ready for swimming. Thanks to its rotating arms and its head that can be swiveled to the right and left. She wears the waterproof painted plastic top, with motifs that make it similar to the fabric, this is because its use must be done mainly in the water, while the skirt is in waterproof plastic fabric. Behind the back the top is equipped with a small knob above which it is possible to fit the doll of the pig Pua. Once inserted it will be possible to turn it to give the spring mechanism of the doll to wind up and thus it will begin to rotate the arms and to swim when placed in water. A toy that can entertain little girls during bath time, or an inseparable playmate when you go to the beach or the pool.

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