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The animated film "Mulan" (original title "Legend Of Mulan"), is one of Walt Disney's most original masterpieces, made in 1998 was directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook. Mulan, a Chinese girl of marriageable age, according to an ancient custom must prepare for the matchmaker, who will select the young women who are to marry. After long preparations for hair and dressing, Mulan shows up in all her beauty, but unfortunately she makes a lot of trouble, sending the matchmaker on a rampage. But fate has other plans for the brave young Mulan. One day the Emperor's messenger announces the invasion of China by the Huns of Shan-Yu, therefore the men of each family will have to go to war in order to defend their nation. Mulan's father is old and sick and certainly can't go to fight, so she decides to replacing him and cutting off his long hair with a sword blow disguises himself as a man.Once in the camp Mulan is subjected to very difficult training exercises, however the girl does not give up. The day of the battle arrives and the Chinese army is attacked by the Huns coming from the mountains. During the bloody battle Mulan has a brilliant intuition: with a cannon shot he causes a gigantic avalanche that wipes out the army of the Huns. Despite everything, after the battle Mulan is unmasked by a doctor, so the army commander abandons her in the mountains. Here Mulan discovers that the rest of the army of the Huns is heading towards the imperial city, so with the help of Shang rushes to raise the alarm. Unfortunately it is not believed and the Huns headed by the terrible Shan-Yu, manage to enter the city under disguise; their intent is to kill the emperor. However, the brave Mulan will manage to prevent their intent and will face the leader of the Huns in a duel by fighting a spectacular battle above the roofs of the royal palace. Mulan manages to defeat Shan-Yu and the emperor of China rewards her with the large medallion. But the biggest prize will be Shang's love. Among the voices of the Italian dubbing we remember those of Enrico Papi, Vincenzo Mollica and Lina Wertmuller.



Mulan is copyright Walt Disney Television Animation / Buena Vista International and rights holders

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