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Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation / Shueisha


If before saga of dragonball, it has fan to you... well then you stand strong, why that one of dragonball z is a true one and just masterpiece of fantasy, suspance and dramatic turn of events not to end. Here light will be made on who is in Goku truth and who descendants will be its.

He begins all five years after the wedding of Goku, when on our planet lands one strange spaceship with to edge a powerful endowed guerriero of an extraordinary force. These meet with Junior and it defeats it, but its objective is Goku, therefore it heads towards the Kame house, where our protagonist is re-united with its friends Crilin, Bulma, Muten and its son, Son Gohan, been born from the wedding with Chichi. These are similar in all and for all its father, in the tail (if it were not for the hair, would even be difficult to distinguish it from small Goku). The superpowerful alien, than lead to the unexpected one on the group it is in truth the brother of Goku: Radditz, that it reveals a great secret. Goku is an extraearthling, a saiyan been born on the Vegeta planet. Radditz wants that its Goku brother joins he, but seen its opposition, in order to convince it, decides of rapire Son Gohan. In order to recover its son, Goku, chip ax I invite it of Junior forming an alliance with he, furente against Radditz and decided to be revenged of the previous defeat. It is arrived therefore at the moment of the hardest battle, where Radditz extension all its power, in fact Small loses an arm (but it has the power to regenerate itself, therefore the increase),

© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation / Shueisha

Goku knows which it is the point weak person and therefore the tail tightens it defeating it. But the loyalty of Goku is not sure similar to that one of its brother, in fact after to have freed it, Radditz hits Goku crawenly, he caught him of surprise. To this point it enters in scene Son Gohan, than furious, extension all its power hurling it on Radditz, these is surprised and Goku of it is useful for stop he to the shoulders. To this Junior point nozzle the most powerful Makankosappo (demonic gun from the trapassante light) and kills the two siblings. Junior it tells to Radditz dying, the secret of the spheres of I dredge, while these inform that between a year others will arrive two saiyan, much stronger than he in order to take the spheres. The body of Goku comes carried via from God, while Junior it decides to train Gohan.

 king Kaioha Goku, in the afterlife, meets king Kaioha, the king of the world and decides to train itself and to upgrade itself near of he, learning new techniques, like kaioh ken and the Genkidama. While the guerrieri of the famous torneo Tenkaichi : Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Jiaozi, Crilin and Yajirobei are prepared for the arrival of the saiyan, training itself with God.
After a year, to arrive the saiyan here, which assert that in Junior truth it is an alien, coming from from the Namek planet. The crash between all the strongest earthlings and the two saiyan is much violent one. These kill Yamcha, Jiaozi, Tenshinhan, God and would be touched also to the small Son

© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation / Shueisha

Gohan if it had not been for Junior, that it sacrifices its life in order to save it. Goku decides to return from the afterlife in order to defeat the saiyan, sure of its force that has been upgraded from the training and from it makes up learned from the king Kaioha. It hurts the Nappa alien, but it must make the accounts with Vegeta, the other saiyan still more fort of the previous one. Being a saiyan, Goku will have to meet with a its similar one. Goku during the fight against with Vegeta, resorts to the kaioh ken (technical of strengthening), Vegeta in all answer, creates an artificial Moon and it is transformed hardly in big monkey, hitting Goku. Yajirobei, knows of the point weak person of the saiyan, memore of storys of Goku, therefore, it cuts the tail to Vegeta, which it returns like before. Then Goku hits Vegeta with the Genkidama, the most powerful sphere of energy, but in spite of the most violent collision, Vegeta succeeds to resist. The son of Goku, Gohan while he watches the Moon created from Vegeta, becomes he a big monkey and he invests Vegeta, with its tremendous force. Vegeta comes saved from Goku and its similar survivors Crillin and Yajirobei.

© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation / Shueisha

From storys of the averse ones, it seems that on the Namekplanet, other spheres exist of dredge, the thing does not escape to the great ricercatrice Bulma that in company of Crilin and the Gohan small, decide to o on this planet, without still convalescente Goku because of the hard crash. Here they discover that the planet has been occupied from averse super powerful, commands to you from perfidious

 Ginew Square
© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation / Shueisha

the Freezer, which it is in tries of the spheres, for being able to express desire of the eternity. Vegeta is rebelled to Freezer when it discovers that its planet has been destroyed from this last one, why feared the power of the saiyan, therefore it decides of took possesion he of the spheres. It succeeds in its attempt stealing the five spheres found from Freezer, while Crilin has in gift from the head of the Namek planet a sphere the much largest one than those earthlings and can obtain three desires. While Yamcha, Jiaozi, Tenshinhan and God, in the afterlife are trained from the same master of Goku: king Kaioha. Freezer sends on Namek the Ginew square, composed from five elements all strong and ogniuno equipped of a particular one to be able and technique of combat. Crilin and Gohan, thanks to the aid of Vergeta succeed to defeat Guldo, a being in a position to stopping the time. But more fort arrives an other enemy

© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation / Shueisha

still, draft of Likoom, these defeats Gohan, Crilin and Vegeta, than but they come saves thanks to you to the providential participation of Goku, than in the meantime it had caught up them to edge of a spaceship in a position to upgrading its force. Goku succeeds to defeat also Butter revealing one extraordinary power. The commander of the Ginew square, fearing a crash directed with Goku, inverts its body with that one of Goku, than but she does not succeed to manage well, seen the particular power of the saiyan. To this point Vegeta takes part that hurts it and Goku of is useful in order to recover its body. Gohan and Crilin thanks to the sphere (express alone two desires) succeed in resurrection Junior and to transport it on Namek, these are melted more strongly with the warrior than this planet: Nail. Freezer and Vegeta while, meet in a hard battle. Seeing the force of Vegeta and in difficulty thanks also to the Junior-Nail come one, Freezer decides to transform itself and to increase its power enormously. The only way in order to defeat it is to transform itself in super-saiyan and Crilin d it is cosi that Vegeta is made to hurt in order to be cured from Dende. Seeing this Freezer third transformation kills Dende thanks to its, than ago to become practically invincible, Vegeta kills also and defeats Junior and the others. In point of died Vegeta it reveals to Goku that Freezer is the craftsman of the destruction of its planet and its people saiyan. It comes therefore the moment of the crash between Goku and the invincible Freezer. Super Saiyan After a hardest crash, Goku decides to use the Genkidama, the most powerful sphere of energy, than but it must too much be loaded in the arc of a time along, comes therefore in its Junior aid, that Freezer distracts, Goku can therefore emanate its gigantic power making to disappear Freezer. These but to reappear killing Junior and making to explode Crilin, the greatest friend than Goku.
E' to that Goku sight drives crazy, is transformed in the Super Saiyan. Frightened Freezer begins to destroy the entire planet. Goku makes to remove all its friends, that thanks to the earthling Mr. Popo return on the earth, in how much succeeds in resurrection all the persons killed from Freezer, comprised old head and Dende who express the last one of three desires of the sphere, that note, to give back to the life the murdered persons. While Goku, Super Saiyan succeeds to defeat Freezer. But the Namek planet comes destroyed and of Goku they come lost the traces.  Trunks

After a year, ago its first Trunks apparition, a Super boy Saiyan, come from the future, son of Bulma and Vegeta. These after to have accompanied Goku from the friends, reveal that between three years they will appear of the strong cyborg, created from learned dottor Ices, and that Goku die of a disease to the heart if will not receive the just medicine in order to recover it, than same he has carried to it from the future. The warrior decide therefore to resume the training in order to prepare itself for the come one of the cyborg. But three years pass in a hurry and the warriors Z, soon feel to speak about cyborg that innocent persons kill. Yamcha comes saved from Goku that but, during the crash with cyborg the 19, has the first symptoms of the cardiac disease. It comes in its turn saved from Vegeta that transformed in Super Saiyan, nozzle against the adversary the Big Bang Attack.
While dottor the Ices, creator of the cyborg, in order to avoid the defeat to work of the dangerous enemies, decide to free its stronger creatures: c17, c18 which but still inperfetti, kill same dottor Ices, activating the model experiences them c16. Vengono faces to you from Vegeta that but comes defeated from c18 and saved from its Trunks son. Junior while it proposes God to join to he in order to upgrade the force against the adversaries.
God decides to accept the proposal of Junior and they join after to have known of the news of a monster that destroys entire populations. Junior one os from the monster that is in Cell truth a reached being from the future, created from dottor Ices; its body contains the cells of the all strongest combatant. The particularitity of Cell is that one to absorb the force of the other beings, therefore it decides to take the powers of c17 and c18. Junior thanks to the new powers it succeeds to defeat Cell, than but it escapes. It informs the other guerrieri z of the danger, which o in the laboratory of Cell and destroy blot some to them recovering the technical cards of the cyborg, so as to to characterize of the points weak people. Goku, Vegeta and Trunks, you follow yourself subsequently from Goku and Gohan, os in the sanctuary of God, where Room of the Spirit and the Time exists a called room, quì a land day is equal to a year. Vegeta and Trunks enter for first. Cell succeeds to defeat Junior and to absorb c17, defeating also c16 that it tried to prevent it to it. Its power is enormous hour therefore. Not still I am satiated, wants to absorb also c18, but its plan goes in smoke thanks to the powerful Shinkikoho (gun of the spirit) of Tenshinhan , technique learned in the afterlife from king Kaioha.

Vegeta and Trunks after to be escapes from the Room of the Spirit and the Time, they head towards Cell and with their super force, they defeat it, but Cell Vegeta challenge, tell he if absorbed the powers of c18 it would become perfect and he could be struck with a perfect being. Vegeta does not resist to the temptation of a fascinating crash therefore and although the attempt of the Trunks son dissuader it, allows to Cell the realization of this its attempt. Vegeta can therefore fight with this perfect body. Very soon Vegeta notices to have sin of naivete and sight the difficulty met in the fight with Cell, decides to hit it with the Final Flash, a terrible blow. Cell regenerates thanks to the powers is become lean from Junior and defeats cosi Vegeta.
Cell gives one truce. It decides to organize a torneo of martial limbs where it will be able to alone strike against all the guerrieri z.

Beginning to the torneo is had therefore. To this they will participate also Goku and Gohan that is escapes from the room of the Spirit and the Time, regenerates to you. The first one to face Cell is a sure Mr Satan that ago to believe to all of being the man more strongly on the earth, but comes endured defeated. According to challenger it is just Goku that with its new power, succeeds to destroy the advanced half of Cell, these but it has the power to regenerate itself, always thanks to the powers of Junior. E' hour the time of Gohan. During the fight between Cell and Gohan, c16 it takes part against Cell, than but the sconfigge destroying it and creating many Cell small in order to face the warriors z. Gohan then infuriated, it is transformed in Super Saiyan II and it destroys to all i Junior Cell, in order then to fight newly against Cell. With a blow of an incredible power it succeeds to make to expel from Cell the body of c18, doing to lose therefore, part of its force. Looking at itself in clear difficulty, Cell therefore decides to destroy the earth. Although Goku tele-transport in the afterlife with to Cell, these has the force in order to hit is Trunks that Vegeta. Gohan, then faces newly Cell and after a crash between the energetic wave of Cell against that one of Gohan, Cell comes defeated in how much that one of Gohan turns out to be more powerful. All the warriors z go away from the place dellla battle and Mr.Satan takes the merit to have defeated Cell, continuing to make to believe of being the man more strongly of the world and of to have saved the earth.

 Majin boo They are passes some years to you from the crash with Cell and while Crilin has married c18, Goku has had the second son, Goten. After to be returned in the future, hour Trunks is in the present and has eight years. Also in this year the torneo Tenkaichi will be carried out and Goku, trained in the afterlife, will be able to participate to you for a day, thanks to the aid of Baba. The tournament begins with the junior phase, where I can only participate the children. Here Trunks strikes Goten. In the tournament of the Crilin adults it strikes Punter. Small instead if it will have to see no less than that with Kaioh-shin, the God of the king Kaioh come from the afterlife and in fact loses. But one new threat flutters on the earth and the warriors z. In fact Kaioh-shin, after to have tried to steal the energy of Gohan through the combat of a its student, reveals that the strongest creature called Majin Bu, locked up in container, could be she awakened from Babidy, the son of the wizard who has given origin to this being.

The warriors run to characterize the spaceship of Babidy and face its follow to us. Crilin and Junior come transform to you in stone. Babidy transforms Vegeta in a Majin Vegeta that meets with Goku and it defeats it. During the battle awakened Majin Bu and for the warriors z the troubles are arrived. Become Goku one Super Saiyan III faces Majin Bu, but renunciation to fight. Later on this kills the son of its creator, Babidy and tries to put to iron and fire the planet and to exterminate the earthlings.
 Gotenks Goku, expired its period of stay on the earth, returns to train itself in the afterlife and here Gohan, found meets them as a result of the crash with a follower of Kaioh-shin, than it is trained with the Z Sword, in order to increase its power. While, on the earth, Goten and Trunks are melted, and they are transformed in an only called being Gotenks, the strongest warrior. Majin Bu os in the room of the Spirit and the Time in order to increase its force, but Gotenks meets with which it has a most violent crash. Gotenks transforms the Super Saiyan and forces Majin Bu to the escape. Later on Gohan returns on the strongest earth, but Majin Bu succeeds to absorb Junior, Gotenks and Gohan. Goku comes revive from Kaioh-shin and it joins to Vegeta, transforming itself in the most powerful Vegeth,  Vegeth but rather than to defeat Bu, decides is made to absorb in order to free all the friends contained in the body of Majin Bu, comprised the good part of the this last (Majin fat Bu). After to have freed all Majin Bu it is transformed in a cruel being that destroys the Earth. Only Goku, Vegeta, Mr. Satan, Dende, old Kaiohshin and young Kaiohshin are saved. Vegeta but has an idea: recover the new spheres of I dredge from Dende, on the new Namek planet in order to express desire to make reappear the earth with all its inhabitants. Thanks to the energy of all earthlings, Goku constructs a Genkidama super-sphere and eliminates Majin Bu. the only thing that remains of Majin Bu is its good part (the Majin fat Bu) that it goes to living with Mr. Satan.

Ten years pass and goku and its friends want newly to participate to the torneo Tenkaichi, meet a child from the innocent air called Ub here. Draft in truth of the incarnation of Majin Bu, than but Goku decides to train in order to make that tomorrow, become strongest, it can fight against of he.

All the names, images and mark record to you are copyright © Akira Toriyama and come here use exclusively to scopes cognitive you you and disclosed to you.

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