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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion


It comes produced in the 1995 from the Gainax Study and is sure one of the beautifull Spirits that have been transmitted, above all for the fact that the weft to biblical, the background read under various points of view and leaves to the spectator of the unsolved interrogated ones to you, above all on the "Angels" and their mission. Optimal the animations, the inquadrature and musics studied with cure, that they go from atmospheres style Pink Floyd to classic music. The saga it is divided in three episodes: "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Evangelion: Death & Rebirth "and" The end of Evangelion ". Seen its complexity we will try to make one synthesis of the events. The history has beginning in year 2000 when a gigantic asteroid falls in Antarctica. In truth draft of a gigantic living organism called Adam: Concern of the first "Angel", and is the sign of a "warning" for the entire human race. The learneds ones try to study that strange one to be, but their experiments carry to the come one of according to Angel and therefore to "According to Impact" on Antarctica. The cataclysm has proportion gigantic. An ice continent is reduced in thousand pieces, the land axis is moved and the heat provoked from the outbreak is therefore intense that the ice of the entire continent is melted provoking a flooding on the entire surface of the planet, the waters swallows the coastal cities, the Earth is upset from earthquakes and every other kind of natural calamity. The man has grazed the extinction. Like if he were not enough, the Angels in fact had specified during their short permanence who would be return to you on the Earth in order to verify that the earthlings had learned the lesson (the history to this purpose leave several questions..., it will be perhaps the genetic manipulation). In year 2015 in fact the Angel appears 3° who engages the Forces of land Defense in tremendous battles. Battles that, in spite of the employment of formidable crews like the N² bombs, the Angel unharmed and the poor sbaragliati men see. There are but persons whom they already knew of the next one come of the Angels, and they have been prepared. Thanks to the rests of the first "Angel", the NERV, a secret organization created on purpose in order to face these creatures, have realized the umanoidi Evangelion, gigants control to you through a neurale interface. The Evangelion is three: Eva-00 Eva-01 and Eva-02. This monster (even if remembers them, is not of the robots therefore like is accustoms, but true and own living creatures to you) with their anthropomorhic shape can use a limitless number of crews and the optional equipment use particular renders them in a position to operating as an example in proibitive conditions (, in immersion). They are fed electrically through a powerful cable inserted in the back and have need of a precise neurale synchronization with the pilot why these can take advantage of their incredible power fully. Gendo Ikari, the cold commander of the NERV and the director of the mysterious "Human Complementation instituted Project" in the 2001 d.C. has used of a called program "Marduke" (program carried out from the Seel) in order to characterize the pilots assigns to you to guide the Evangelion. The program has characterized three pilots, all of fourteen years: Culprits Ayanami (Eva-00), Soryu Asuka Langley (Eva-02) and Shinji Ikari (Eva-01) the only son of Gendo. As it has been said, the pilots are special persons, their ability consists in the synchrony between their body and their brain with that one of these creatures is clearly therefore that more than personal ability, they want us of the pecise characteristic of the structure of the DNA. The Evangelion after a hard fight, defeats the Angel, but to beloved price, in fact Asuka, skillful the pilot of the Eva-01, ends in state of coma. Shinji, one of the protagonists of the film, is a boy introvert and with heavy a past loaded with bitterness. Orphan of mother and with a little careful father to its life, e' more and more depressed hour for the situation in which its Asuka friend finds itself. In hospital he tries of she awaken from its state of coma and he cries himself I lean, he believed that the situation in which pours the girl is for cause its. The friendship of Shinji with Asuka is strengthened from same troubled infancy that has lived. During a conference between the NERV and the SEEL, the events they are assigns to you to fall. The members of the Seel head at the fact that hour that the Angels have been erase to you, e' reached the moment to begin the last evolution of the human race, therefore they would want to force the men to melt itself with the "Angels", to the aim of second giving to origin to an only perfect being (their theory). Keel the director of the SEELE says that it must complete the experiment on Eva 01, in order to put into effect this experiment. Gendo the commander of the NERV and father of Shinji is not convinced any and supporting from vice Fuyutsuki commander, it is opposed with a lot grim , saying the dead women of a creature will not never carry to nothing of constructive. Angry Keel for the opposition of the Nerv to their plan declares war officially to it. Misato, director of the military operations of the NERV, thinks that there are still much truth to discover to care the angels, therefore tries to discover the dowels lacking in the computer of the Nerv, but it comes perceived through cellular, from Makoto lieutenant, saying them, that the government has emitted the Special Order, with which the special protections come removed to the Nerv all that it had. For took possession of the Eva, the Seele it has contacted the Japanese government saying they that to the Nerv they want to destroy to the world triggering the1


"Third Impact". The trusting government in the Seel, therefore has ordered to all the centers of the Nerv scattered for the world, to try a computer science attack against the MAGI of the Japanese Nerv in order to take of the control. When the operating ones informed to us do not succeed to face the invasion, it is decided to recall in service the r esponsabile of the plan Evangelion Ritsuko, this is put to the job and succeeds to stop the cybernetica invasion to the last moment restoring some the normal control. But Gendo and Fuyutsuki know that the Seele will not surrender easy therefore, and in fact.

Failed the first attempt of computer science invasion, Keel orders to the government to attack the Nerv with all the crews from war of the army. Therefore, in little time the area around to the Nerv comes encircled from the soldiers, that they have the order to occupy the institute, to recover the Eva, and to kill all, comprised the wounded. The attack begins and Misato then orders to transfer Eva and pilots in a sure place. Asuka although its state of coma, comes transferred on the 02, seen the fact that to remain lì, by now it is not surer. Misato makes to send the 02 in the lago close to the Nerv. Shinji and Rei are passings. Shinji is found in serious danger to the inside of the Nerv. In fact the soldiers soldiers who are already penetrate to you in the Nerv, they do not make prisoners and they could kill also who surrenders. Misato orders to overflow the corridors with the special bakelite, hoping to succeed to slow down the men of the army, therefore it loads its gun and, after to have entrusted the commando to Makoto, it runs from Shinji.
The army is approached, and Makoto and Shigeru pull outside the crews, just in the moment in which an outbreak it announces the arrival of the soldiers. Shigeru passes a gun to Mayan, but it, defender of the life at all costs, refuses to talk nonsense to of the human beings. The soldiers instead do not have of these senses of guilt, and continue to talk nonsense. While Guilty he finds himself in the room where there are the rests of the cloni where he comes caught up from Gendo that invites it to escape. Some soldiers find Shinji and the crews aim it against. But in that moment Misato arrives that, succeeds to free it. Therefore it seizes Shinji and it drags it towards its car, inasmuch as the closed boy still more in its desperation, does not have some wants to raise itself ne' of living. The attack while continues, and the army occupies the base basement of the Nerv. Misato leads Shinji to the place in which e' be carried its Eva-01. During the travel it tells cio' that it has uncovered on the intentions of the Seele, reveal him the secret to it of the humanity. The men are sons of Lilith (an angelic entity that has been recovered from the Nerv), and therefore the entire one humanity can to consider itself like the eighteenth Angel. The previous Angels, anch' been born they from Lilith, were evolutions alternatives to the human shape. While, to the inside of the 02, Asuka in state of coma, within of himself continuous fighting with the dead women. Of a feature, to its invocations not to want to die, feminine voice begins to answer one; she is the mother who appears to it in dream. Then it understands that the spirit of the mother e' in the 02, and the moment in which da' the hand, awake from coma and the its rate synchrony with the 02 it is returned of high blow. Therefore the 02 awake, and once in surface attack the army. Asuka, is felt protect from the mother. The Seele, answers to the attack of the 02 and therefore ago to enter in action "the its" Evangelion units: therefore, nine airplane launch nine Evangelion white men, equip you of motor to continuous energy. The nine Eva lands encircling the 02 of Asuka, and Misato says to them that they must be pulled down. Famous Asuka that 02 lack little more than three minuteren to expiring of the energy of its, in spite of everything, nozzle to the attack against of they.
The 9 Eva of the Seel fly above the Eva02 like the voltures on their meal.

While Misato tries to convince Shinji to go up on the 01, it comes hurt from the soldiers, than but it succeeds to defeat. The two continue to speak. Shinji picked from its victimization, if it does not feel it to go up of new on the evangelion in how much is to cause its that Asuka is found in that situation. Misato reproaches it, then says it that only piloting the Eva it will be able to try the answers to its questions. Misato gives to Shinji the cross that door to the neck, therefore da' a kiss on the mouth, saying that they will continue the speech when will return, therefore closes it in the elevator that will carry the guide of the 01. The wound provoked from the soldiers e' be died them, and Misato dies. Shinji, in the elevator, feels in mouth in sapore of the blood of Misato, understands that the wound of the young person is died them, therefore bursts in tears. While, while continuous Asuka to fight against the Eva of the Seele, Gendo and Rei reaches in front of Lilith, but lì they find Ritsuko to you, that it heads against of they a gun and announces of having a remote control with which command to the MAGI the destruction of the Nerv. Active Ritsuko the command, but the outbreak does not happen, therefore Gendo extracts a gun and it shoots it. Ritusko falls in the LCL sea that gushes out from Lilith. While it falls, it sees other Culprits While, continuous Asuka to fight alone against the Eva of the Seele, but Shinji, also listening all, continues to remain itself some seated in the hangar of the 01 without to make nothing. The energy of the 02 is in order to finish, but although Asuka engagements to the pang, the Eva of the Seele after to have transfixed with nozzles its body, they are launch as voltures on it and tear to pieces it. To this point, Shinji pushed from the 01 that moves alone, it knows them to board. Meanwhile, the 01 is raised in flight, but Shinji sees the rests of the 02 eaten from the Eva of the Seele, so she shout with how much breath has in throat. Gendo decides that it is hour to complete the experiment on Culprits, and while it speaks the arm of left of the girl is detached. Gendo supports the hand on the chest of Culprits: the hand penetrates in the body of the girl, and Gendo the door low, saying that it is reached the moment to abandon the bodies useless and to join all the spirits. We go where Yui is found. Shinji falls in one be of tremendous desperation and pente not to have taken part itself to save Asuka and hour it wants to die. Like if it had listened to it, the true Nozzle of Longino abandons the lunar orbit and lead on the Earth, stopping itself to little steps from the neck of the 01. The plan of the Seele puo' to complete itself, and the members begin to struck up a species of invocation, while their Evangelion catches up in air the 01 and they carry it up. The Geo Front begins to raise itself, as it absorbed the BLACK MOON, the place where it came recovered Lilith, than is the place where e' been born the humanity one '. While Gendo operates on Culprits, this feels the outcry of pain of Shinji. Detaching the arm to Gendo and regenerating its Culprits it flies towards Lilith, saying that is returned to house, and it enters within of she while Lilith answers to them: Welcome. Getting rid from the Lilith nail it begins to grow and to become gigantic, therefore it catches up Eva- 01. Shinji, terrorize, famous that the giant is similar to Culprits, and calls it for name: Lilith assumes thus the shape of the girl. The Eva of the Seele rings it, for absorbed. The mouths of the Evangelion of the Seel exits much of faces of Culprits, the face of Lilith is become deformed, and cio' it increases the terror of Shinji, while on the body of the 01 its nucleus appears. At last traumatic excessive Shinji, Lilith it changes shape, transforming itself in Kaworu.As, Shinji takes heart look of its better friend. While the Nozzle of Longino is approached the nucleus of the 01 and nonhardly it touches it, Eva-01 is transformed in a cross species gigantic, from which they dull of the eyes. Shinji begins see again the figures of its past. The men have had fruit of the Acquaintance, and the Angels fruit of the Life. Hour that the 01 has them both, is like a God. If become Arca of the Salvation or the Annihilator, sara' the son of Ikari to establish it. The Black Moon has exceeded the stratosphere, and Lilith takes it for the hands, opening the wings. Very much of Rei appears everywhere, transforming the bodies in LCL. Makoto, Mayan, Fuyutsuki and Shigeru see again their persons more beloveds who are dead women, respectively Misato, Ritsuko and Rei, before being transform all to you how many in comprised LCL Keel. Gendo instead comes devour from an apparition of the 01, like expiate of the evil about to Shinji, although it justifies itself and penta saying that its presence would have only damaged the boy. While the Eva of the Seele transfixed painfully the nuclei with their nozzles, the men of all the earth are transformed in LCL. To the end, the 01 come received from the gigantic body of Lilith, to whose inside fluctuates thousands of Culprits To the inside of Lilith the collection of the men under shape of liquid LCL happens. Shinji and Rei find in this sea, while this last in order to assimilate its friend, putting down them the hands on the body. Shinji rethinks to the cross of Misato and thinks that all that that happening is not right. It takes the arms of Culprits and it removes to them from its body. Kaworu appears then also, that Shinji asks becose wants that all returns like before, although suecontinue the suffering passages. Culprits answer to it that Kaworu and Shinji represent the hope: the hope that the persons can love themselves and be understood. Is the heart of the persons that transforms them and all those who has been transforms to you in LCL will be able to return to their human shape if in their hearts they will want it. The 01 exits from the body of Lilith, that it begins to unravel itself, while the Eva of the Seele is petrified and fallen on the Earth. Shinji see again its mother who encourages it to the life, why with it there is only the possibility to regenerate themselves and to find the paradise of the happiness on the earth. Yui if it goes some, with the 01, the Nozzle of Longino, in the space, so that the universe knows that the life on the continuous Earth. Shinji awake in one beach of the earth. The LCL orbit around to the Earth, and Shinji see again King and the Asuka


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