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Il grande Mazinga


Been born in the 1974 from the fantasy of the Japanese scripteriters Susumu Takahisa, Keisuke Fujikawa and Toyohiro Ando, from the designs of Keisuke produced Morishita and from the Toei Doga, "the Great Mazinga" with to "Grendizer" can be considered one of the famous prototypes of robot the Japanese ones that have made an age and left a sign in the children and the young people of years ' 80. In Italy the series of the Large one mazinga was transmitted from issuing television the private ones to leave from 1979 in 56 episodes and the mythical acronym comes still today remembered with great pleasure.
Draft of the history of Tetsuya , a boy who as a result of the dead women of the parents were adopted from Dr. Kenzo Kabuto, a great scientist. These are in truth a cyborg from the human countenance, in how much as a result of an incident, to the aim of being torn the dead women, was transplanted it the brain in the body of an android from the human countenance. This standard to the boy to pilot Mazinga, a gigantic robot of its invention, to the aim protect the earth from the invasion of Empire of the Darknesses. Tetsuya becomes therefore the pilot of the "Brian Condor", an aircraft thanks to which once carried out the coupling on the head of the Great Mazinga, allows of easy guides it and to use of the most powerful crews of which it is equipped it. When it must complete some mission, in order to guide the Great Mazinga, Tetsuya after to be come down in a underground, it knows them to edge of the "Brian Condor " and thanks to a rampa of launch, go out from a cove on the sea, quì call the robot with the outcry "Mazinga outside!" , to this point the Great Mazinga emerges from a marine vortex and the Brian Condor is coupled on its head allowing to Tetsuya to pilot it and to control of every minimum movement, the robot therefore is raised in ready flight for the battle. The Great Mazinga possesses of the deadly crews like "the shattering thunders" in a position to storing the atmospheric electricity through its horns and unloading them through the sword or the finger, "large boomerang" a gigantic steel blade to situated shape of V on the chest, that it can detach and launch becoming an infallible arm from cut, this concurs to it also to emit the most powerful gamma ray (or fire wave), Geat Mazinga posiede also "the diabolic swords" that it holds embedded to sides of the legs, the "rotary Fists" that are detached from the arm and leave like of the rotary missiles on the body of the adversary. Moreover Mazinga is strongest also in the fight body to body, thanks also to most powerful distruct soccer and the tips of steel situated on the knee. The Great Mazinga fights against of the gigantic creatures of the reign of Mikene, for halves composed from organic material and the other mechanical pure half of steel. These are men who for power ambitions have joined their bodies with that one of giants robots and reside in the underground land in wait to occupy it definitively. The head of this group maleficent is the Emperor of the Darknesses, under of he is others seven generates them monstrous, everybody of which is similar to a feracious animal, these has the characteristic to speak through the face mails on the thorax. Tetsuya and the Great Mazinga, during their combats comes helps you (...) from Jun Hono if one may use the expression, also she adopted from Dr. Kabuto since child and trained to pilot a gigantic robot from the fermale countenance, the "Venus Alpha".As it happens for the "Brian Condor" of the Great Mazinga, also Jun possesses the called aircraft "the Queen of stars". To the outcry of "Queen of Stars, via!" the shuttle exits from the fortress of sciences and Alpha heads towards the cascade of a river from which go out the Venus. After to have embedded the aircraft on the nape of the feminine robot, of it it takes the commandos and it can cosi begin its combat. The Venus Alpha possesses of the crews many characteristics and amusing like the "photonic Rockets", of the breasts that talk nonsense as of the digital missiles or the "Missiles them" of it projects them that fuoriescono from the fingers. But although its efforts and its courage, the Venus Alpha always ends in order to complicate the battles of the Great Mazinga, in how much not being equipped of crews much sophisticated, comes put in serious difficulty from the soldiers of the army of the Mikene. Jun has also a psychological profile much complex, in how much it suffers from complexes of inferiorities which had to the color of its skin and to neglected feeling themselves from its adoptive father, the Dr. kabuto. But there is who in the attempt to help Tetsuya, ago worse of the Venus Alpha, draft of Boss Robot, a gigantic funny robot much and comic one that always end with hunting themselves in the troubles. To pilot this awkward robot is Boss, one swaggering that suffer complexes of inferiority in the comparisons of Tetsuya, being in love of Jun, in order to put itself in extension does not lose occasion in order to take risks itself in situations above its abilities, always ending in the troubles, in this it is help from its collaborators Nuke and Mucha. Aspiring other robot pilot is Shiro Kabuto, the son of Dr. Kabuto. This pilot the Junior Robot, a small robot that but she obviously obtains of the insufficient ones turns out to you. The more valid assistant of the Great Mazinga is without doubt Mazinga Z, piloted from the other son of the Dr.. Kabuto, Koji Kabuto. These put the guide of the Jet Pilder and the gamma ray is coupled, as the Great Mazinga in the head of Mazinga Z. This robot is equipped of powerful crews similar to those of the Great Mazinga like the "Atomic Fists", " the great Typhoon ", the gale that go out from the mouth, the "photonic Beams" that go out from the eyes, the "Missile Centers them" that go out from the belly. In the last nose-dive of the series, after a debilitating battle with the army of the evil, that the robots of the series will come been involved all, dottor the Kabuto dies sacrificing its life, to the aim to save that one of all its sons. The series of the Great Mazinga will come then continued from Mazinga Z.


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