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Spiderman is sure the more important and famous superhero of the Marvel house. Been born in 1962 to work of Stan Lee, Spiderman (or Spider-Man) is the history of the timid student Peter Parker who comes bitten from a spider contaminated from the radioactive beams you in the course of a scientific experiment. The puncture changes the genetic code and transforms the gracileboy in a highly gifted individual, with equal characteristics to those of a spider if it had the human dimensions, true and just a man spider. Is in a position to completing knows you wonder, its hands and its feet, acquire the property to join to whichever surface and this makes that it can scale the skyscrapers of Manhattan , has an amazing equilibrium, it has a sense of spider that perceives it of the imminent dangers and in more, from good student of biochemistry, has invented a sticky liquid and most resistant similar to the burlap of the spider, than thanks to of the devices it applies to you in the wrists, it succeeds to spray and to use like rope in order to scale whichever thing and in order to bridle the captured criminals. Peter Parker decides, to become a phenomenon from large shed, earning itself living making the acrobat, but very soon there was an episode that it made it to understand that the road of its destiny was not that one. In fact a day its uncle Very was assassinated from a thieving that, time before, had refused to capture.  Peter Parker From this he understood the great responsibility that he had in the comparisons of more the weak people, than every day endure the violences of the criminals and the super-criminals. He decides cosi to wear the cloth of Spiderman and to hide its true identity. Peter Very nourished a great affection for the old uncle (brother of the father), in how much with to the wife May they adopted it after the dead women of the parents, which were killed in Algeria at the hands of one spying and criminal organization. aunt may Peter finds itself therefore to living with its aunt May, from the delicate health, to continue its university studies and to having itself to find a job. Seen the large one to speak on all newspapers about the enterprises about Spiderman , he decides to release itself of the photos with the timer, when he enters in action in the cloth of the super-hero, in order then to sell them to the Daily Bugle , of the crabby J. J. Jameson, very fierce denigrator of the climb-wall in tights (is that define it), therefore to hunting of photo in exclusive right. To the inside of the Daily Bugle, Peter knows Betty Brant, the personal secretary of the director. Pretty and intelligent, Betty is a simple girl and intelligent, what that it will make to love timid Peter Parker and between the two blooms one beautiful but tormented history of love. Peter Parker in fact often is forced to disappear to the unexpected one, in order to transform from Spiderman, also this will contribute to their division. In the university atmosphere, Peter must be continuously confronted with the classic "all muscles and nothing brain" that takes the name of Flash Thompson , champion of football, than the deride strutting about with the girls of the collage. He does not know but, that Peter Parker is in truth its idol for excellence: Spiderman. To the inside of the university atmosphere, Peter Parker knows, Harry Osborn, an uncertain boy with a inferiority complex  Mary Jane , he will become its greater friend and the blondest Gwen, one former miss of the grammar school. Gwen is a fascinating girl, from the strong character, but it will feel itself draw from indifference of Peter Parker in its confronts. When between the two it seems that it can be born of the tender one, a red one appears beautiful and dynamics called Mary Jane Watson, that it will make to be born in particular envies it and the jealousy of the girls of the group and Gwen, seen the attentions from part of the boys of the group.

 Goblin But Peter Parker must also make forehead to the numerous super-criminals whom the Man fights Spider, in the order remembers: the Camaleonte, the Volture, the Dottor Octopus, the Man Sand, Lizard, Electro, the Hard ones, Mysterio, Kraven the hunter and Molten. But the classic n.1 of Spiderman is represented from Goblin, the elf green, alias the industrial Norman Osborn, father of Harry, is only in fact to uncovered possession the secret identity of Spiderman. But we remember also the powefull Rhino, a man rhinocerous, the deadly Shocker, from the discharge electrical worker and the most powerful Kingpin, the emperor of the crime. Between the many enemies of the Spiderman there is also journalist Frederick Foswell that is the Great Man, former boss of the crime arrested from the Spiderman, than once exited from the prison, promising not to dedicate itself more to the crime, it comes assumed from J.J. Jameson. In fact its contribution for the newspaper is much precious one, in how many thanks to its acquaintances and dealing itself for the Guercio it can obtain information on suspicious the traffics of the underworld. In truth Peter suspects of the true identity of the photographer Parker, but he does not succeed to unmask it. The history of the Spiderman, find like inspired topics the historical vicissitude of the years inherent to its publication. The Flash Thompson), the student contest, the phenomenon of the drug are the topics of years ' 60 like the war of the Vietnam (protagonist braggart, the pollution ecc..All these social problems will influence the fates of the group of friends of Peter. The friend Harry Osborn, the uncertain boy, will throw itself in the LSD for the desperation not to be loved from Mary Jane.  Gwen The father of Harry will find in the Spiderman the scapegoat of this misfortune, therefore, masked from Goblin, abduct the Gwen mistress and kills it, although the vain attempt of the Spiderman to save it. The mask of Goblin dies also the father of Harry (will be worn later on also from other personages), but this vicissitude will mark deeply the already restless and problematic sensibility of Peter Parker. In the modern age, the phenomenon of genetic engineering could not not appear, this thematic one sees protagonist fancy that the university professor of the university of Peter and Gwen, Miles Warren, alias the Jackal, specialized exactly in biogenetics. These upset from the dead women of the blond student and attributing anch' them colpe to the Spiderman to he, decide of clonare are she that Peter. But Spiderman will succeed to disentangle also this intricate history (than but he will have a continuation). Although all these vicissitudes, our protagonist succeed to take the bachelor in sciences, but to lose the job to the Daily Bugle, because of an ugly nervous exhaustion of director J.J. Jameson. Here exception friend appears one; draft of the Black Cat, alias Felicia Hardy. Hardy is a beautiful, sensuale girl and trespasser and it is given to the gangsterism in order to emulate the gesta of the father, a criminal for which it tries a hatred-love feeling. It acts masked from woman cat and loved of Spiderman that it sees like ideal companion. But good Peter will succeed to bring back it in the straight one . The two loved one and will make fixed brace in many adventures against the super-criminals, but they will be assigns to is separated to you in how much "too much distracted" in order to take care itself of the super-problems of the society.

The woman of the life of Peter Parker is in truth Mary Jane, from always conoisseur of its true secret identity. The two are married. In this period we remember an enemy from the psychological profile, much dark and deep one: the Kraven, than us will give rich history excite and of dramatic turn of events. In the episodes of 90 years ' the Spiderman must make the accounts with truly dangerous super-criminals, that of it they try the hards work and the psychological stability. They go remembers to you: Venom, one psicopatico ghiotto of human brains, Carnage, the most violent creature without scrupple, the Red Spider, that is its restored to life clone, the return of the Goblin originates them and many others.

The history of the Spiderman have been brought back also in numerous cartoons and films. In Italy we have known them thanks to the transmission "Supergulp, comic strips in tv" transmitted in far away 1978.

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