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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon - The comic
Flash Gordon (comic)

Original title: Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Doctor Zarro, Tun, Prince Barin, Roga, Vultano, Kan, Rot, Ondina, Ming the Ruthless, Auran, Kang, Zin, Kala, Vultano
Author: Alex Raymond

Publishers: King Features Syndicate
: United States
: January 7, 1934
Gender: Comic Science Fiction / Adventure
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Flash Gordon it made its first appearance in January 1934, in the "New York American Journal". This character has marked the history of comics, thanks to the beautiful stories and extraordinary drawings of Alex Raymond. The adventures of Flash Gordon arrived in Italy in October 1934 and were published in the books of the "Adventurous". Thanks to Flash Gordon the boys of those years began to know and love the science fiction genre, which saw the stories set in unknown worlds populated by fantastic creatures. The story of Flash Gordon begins when a meteor hits the plane on which Flash Gordon and his partner Dale Arden were traveling. The two are saved on a remote island in the ocean. Here they meet a great scientist, Professor Zarkov (who in Italy was renamed Doctor Zarro) who informs Flash Gordon and Dale that another gigantic meteorite detached from the planet Mongo is about to hit the earth. Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and their scientist friend in order to avert the catastrophe, set off for the planet Mongo.

Flash Gordon and Dale

Flash Gordon and his companions then clashed with the cruel emperor Ming, an oriental-looking tyrant with extraordinary powers, who will soon become the number one enemy of most of their adventures. Despite the stories of Flash Gordon are of a science fiction character, the character moves in exotic environments and often fights with swords, axes and daggers, rather than with laser beams or weapons typical of the science fiction genre.

Flash Gordon

The enemies that appear in Flash Gordon's stories are often giants, fantastic animals, which the protagonist also uses for his long journeys, flying saucers, apes, lizardmen and monsters of all kinds. Flash Gordon has also encountered much more advanced civilizations than earth, but also very primitive ones. Among the other designers who in addition to Alex Raymond have contributed to the creation of the Flash Gordon tables, we remember Austin Briggs, Mac Raboy, Don Barry, who characterized the character adapting it to the ever-changing tastes from the 30s to the 70s.

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon and all names, images and trademarks are Copyright © King Features Syndicate Inc. and are used here for information and disclosure purposes.

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