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Original title: Monster Allergy
Ezechiele "Zick", Elena Patata, Bombo, Ben Talak and Clak Ritak, Snyakutz Bu, I Bolli, Paruto Porro, Lali Bergingingoz, The three bullies, Ford, Soup and "Dedevid", David McMackamack, Miss Swift, Magnacat, Omnised and Omniquod, Army of AndroGorka, Barbaruffa, Black Specters, Gorges, Aunt Ermelia, Anguane, Moog Magister, GaigaMonster, Sinister Hector, Black Tamers, Dark Tamers
Authors: Katja Centomo, Francesco Artibani
Production: Rainbow, Futurikon, Rai Fiction, ZDF.

Directed by: Iginio Straffi
: Italy
Year: 19 December 2005
Broadcast in Italy: 2005 mm
Gender: Fantasy / Comedy
Episodes: 52 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Monster Allergy is the new cartoon that was produced by the same Italian animation studio as the famous Winx Club, namely Rainbow. The series consists of 52 episodes each lasting 25 minutes. The Monster Allergy cartoon is based on the comic by Katja Centomo and Francesco Artibani (Disney screenwriter), drawn by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa, which is also published by Disney abroad such as France and Germany.

Monster Allergy is the story of Zick Barrymore, a ten-year-old boy who lives with his mother in the city of Big Burg. Zick suffers from a severe form of allergy which makes him frail and weak, but which on the other hand has endowed him with an extraordinary extrasensory capacity; in fact he manages to communicate with all the ghosts and monsters of the afterlife invisible to human beings, to travel through time and look inside people until he understands all their deepest secrets and their intentions.

Zick is the only one who can see and talk to the ghosts of his grandparents Theo and Tessa and their strange friend Snyakutz, who have taken on a very funny appearance and who give him valuable advice on managing his powers. Zick's inseparable friend is the bumblebee-eating monster, a bizarre red creature hungry for anything, especially stinky shoes. Zick does not have many friends in the real world, as his physical and allergic characteristics often lead him to isolate himself from his peers, on the other hand he has made a great friendship with his neighbor and schoolmate Elena Patata, a smart girl. and determined, which accompanies Zick through much of his adventures and is aware of his secret. Zick defends the ghost town of "Bibbur-Si" and the real one of Big Burg, from the monsters telepathically guided by the evil Magnacat and for this he uses a strange device that sucks them inside, making him conquer a precious gem that will allow him to become more powerful and level up, which is why he took on the role of "Tamer" of monsters. Zick owns a strange cat called Timothy, hairless and characterized by two big ears; he is actually the Star Tutor, who helps Zick defend the house from various monsters and ghosts. Among the various monsters of the series we find Clark Ritak the monster musician who shows off his culture ... invented. Barbaruffa, an evil and terrible pirate ghost who has now become a Black Ghost. Korrikarro a set of monsters that must support all his family on his back and Gingi the vain and transgressive monster.

All Monster Allergy characters and images are copyright Rainbow srl, Futurikon, Rai Fiction, ZDF, 2005 and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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