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Pete the Tramp and the Dog Boy

Original title: Pete the Tramp
Pete, the little dog Boy, Agent O'Leary
Author: Clarence D. Russell
Publishers: King Features Syndicate

Country: United States
: 10 January 1932
Gender: Humorous cartoon
Recommended age: For everyone

Pete the Tramp (Pete the Tramp in the American original) is a comic born on January 10, 1932 by the illustrator Clarence D. Russell, for the "New York American Journal" and distributed by the King Features Syndicate. The success was such that the comics were published until 12 December 1963, following the death of the artist, which took place on 22 October of the same year. In Italy it has been known thanks to the publications in various magazines such as Rin Tin Tin, l'Audace and other newspapers, often changing its name as: Saltafossi, Di Malimpeggio, Michelaccio and Pippo il barbone.

Pete is a bum who lives by his wits, but despite everything he seems happy with his life and manages to bring out the positive, even from unpleasant situations. Characterized by an unkempt beard, a shabby old hat, a patched sweater and a black coat, Pete is often joined by a little yellow dog named Boy, a companion in adventures and misadventures.
Pete uses a thousand ways to get lunch or dinner, with petty cheats and subterfuges against some shopkeeper or housewife, intent on shopping or while cooling a steaming cake on a window sill. His attempts are almost never successful and once handcuffed by Officer O'Leary, the safest place for Pete, as always, it turns out to be prison, where he finds food and accommodation guaranteed.

In one story we find Pete, who witnesses the robbery of an aristocrat, by a villain who, in addition to his wallet, also slips his cigar out of his mouth. Pete chases him in disguise and once he gets behind him, stuns him with a brick blow to the head. Will he want to return the wallet to the victim? But no! ... he just needed to smoke a good cigar.

The cartoonist Clarence Russell began his career in 1920, upon his return to his homeland after the First World War. Tramp Pete originates from another similar character, drawn by Russell for the weekly Judge, who was spotted by William Randolph Hearst, who offered him a deal with the King Features Syndicate. Later he also obtained some success with other characters such as The Twins Tucker, Snorky and Pete's Pup.

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