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Will Coyote
Original title: Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner
Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner
Authors: Chuck Jones
Warner Bros
Country: USA
Year: 16 September 1949
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 45
Duration: 8 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Beyond the Walt Disney and Hanna & Barbera the production of American cartoons also boasts that of the very famous "Looney Tuns" is "Merry Melodies"produced by Warner Brows since the 40s. Mostly created by the group of designers made up of Robert McKimpson, Chuck Jones (recently passed away at the age of 89), e Friz Freleng, we will focus on two characters from these fun cartoon series: Will Coyote e Beep Beep. Will Coyote (which we renamed as Vil Coyote) is a coyote from the American Rockies, which always tries to catch a very fast road runner characterized by a strange sound similar to the horn of a car "beep beep" from which its own name derives, Beep Beep precisely. The mad pursuits have as their background the American highways that cross the desert and the mountains and are enriched by the designs of extravagant canyons and bizarre boulders always placed at the edge of the crevasse. Beep BeepWile Coyote (Vil Coyote) is a genius of mechanics, an inexhaustible inventor of traps and tricks into which, however, he inevitably ends up falling himself, instead of the very fast and very crafty Beep Beep. The classic narrative scheme is very simple and repetitive, but it is precisely this that amuses the viewer, in fact what intrigues is to see the fantasy of Will Coyote in creating original traps, we remember: the dye that makes invisible, the classic rocket, the motor skates, the catapult with the boulder, the dynamite, the glue placed near the road runner lure etc ... Wile Coyote (Vil Coyote ) will always end up a victim of his own devices, partly due to bad luck, partly due to the cunning of Beep Beep and partly also for his poor ability to control his own machines. Wile Coyote (Vil Coyote)he was one of the first film "actors" (besides Ollio and Bugs bunny) to turn his gaze to the camera, communicating with the audience through a simple expression, both when he is slyly ready to implement some diabolical invention of his, and when sad and resigned he greets us with his hand before falling from a very high canyon, always underlined with the classic thud with the cloud. WILLIE COYOTEIt must also be said that Will Coyote he is indestructible, despite being crushed by huge boulders or being incinerated by explosives, in the next scene we always find him full of energy immersed in some new project. The basic rules of this cartoon are as follows: Beep Beep cannot hinder the projects of Will Coyote if not frightening him with his classic verse "Beep Beep", the inventions of Wile Coyote (Vil Coyote)work with everyone except with Beep Beep, sometimes the inventions do not work precisely due to the excessive meticulousness of Wile Coyote, the two characters must absolutely not talk to each other, Beep Beep must always be running, the scenario must always be the desert. The funniest episodes that should be remembered are for example those in which Wile Coyote (Vil Coyote)he draws with a brush the tracks of a railway and in one wall the entrance to the tunnel, in such a way that Beep Beep, deceived, in an attempt to enter, hits the wall of the wall. In this case it paradoxically happens that the train actually exits the tunnel by hitting it and driving the train the driver himself appears. Another classic scene is the one where we find Wile Coyote who spies on Beep Beep's movements with special binoculars, upon his arrival under the canyon he is ready to operate a catapult with a very heavy boulder that should crush the road runner, but it always happens that the car does not work and when Will Coyote (Fel Coyote)he goes to inspect it and check its mechanism, this suddenly starts causing the boulder to fall on the unfortunate Wile Coyote. Another trap is to put ostrich feed near a carpet of glue, on top of which a boulder ready to fall is placed, when it is operated by means of a rope. In this case Beep Beep arrives very fast, eats the food and runs away in the fraction of a few seconds. Will Coyote (Vil Coyote)surprised he goes to inspect the operation of the glue that works on him, the boulder starts and he is inevitably crushed. Another very funny scene is when he remote control some rocket, in which he tied some dynamite, unable to maneuver it well, always ends up that the rocket chases Wile Coyote (Vil Coyote)instead of Beep Beep, in an attempt not to detonate the dynamite, he blows on the fuse and when this is very short and it seems that Wile Coyote has put it out just in time, the bomb explodes and Will Coyote (Vil Coyote)it turns black and scorched like coal. The comic adventures of all these and other cartoon characters from the Warner Brows have been published in Italy in the Cenisio publishing house.

Wile Coyote and Beep Beep and all names, images and trademarks are Copyright © Warner Brows and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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