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Blue Dragon

Original title: Buru Doragon - Tenkai no shichi ryu
Shu, Noi, Bouquet, Marumaro, The legion of superior beings
Production: Pierrot
Regia: Yukihiro Matsushita
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Gender: Fantasy
Episodes: 51
duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

In April, it will be broadcast exclusively on Cartoon Network, the long-awaited Japanese cartoon inspired by adventurous feats and characters from one of the most successful video games in the last period. We are talking about Blue Dragon, the series created by the inexhaustible imagination of Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball. Blue Dragon is a new masterpiece for fans of Goku and his companions, thanks to the valuable animations of remarkable quality and engaging events.

The main characters of the anime are 5 guys who, to free our planet, will have to face the diabolical Nene. Each hero can use the powers of a shadow-creature that represents the peculiarities of each boy's temperament. The shadow-creatures, therefore, will have to clash with the enemy of the moment and, in the various conflicts, will highlight their extraordinary powers, which will prove to be more or less decisive for the final victory. The protagonist of the cartoon is the young Shu, a ten-year-old boy who has the task of saving the planet. Valiant and dynamic, he uses the strongest shadow creature of all, that of the Dragon. The day his people are subjected to an attack by the dark forces of the evil Nene, they are aided in the battle by brave warriors such as: Kluke (a breezy girl, tech genius, with a penchant for Shu) who possesses the shadow of phoenix; Jiro (the team's mascot, overbearing and selfish) with his Minotaur; Zola (a quiet and dark fighter) and the shadow of Killer Bat; and lastly the Marumaro with his creature shadow of the Tiger.

BLUE DRAGON: Second season
Aired for the 1st time on CN on 4 October 2010
From Monday to Friday at 19.00pm

October is also the month of the return of one of the most followed souls: in fact, the second season of BLUE DRAGON, the Japanese animated series, created by the famous Studio Pierrot (Lamú, Magica Emi, It's almost magic Johnny) arrives on Cartoon Network and inspired to a famous video game.

Even if it is the natural sequel of the first season, in these new episodes there will be a lot of news, especially in the new type of narration that will have a slight “dark” veil.
The protagonists of the series are four boys who, to save the world, must fight against the evil Nene. Each character can count on the help of a shadow-creature that reflects the characteristics of each boy's soul. It will be the shadow creatures, therefore, to face firsthand the clashes with the enemies and, in the various battles, the specialties of each one will prove more or less decisive.

Blue DragonSECOND SEASON. Although sacrificing their powers, our protagonists had managed, at the end of the first season, to prevent the advance of the Darkness. Two years later, Shu and Bouquet have joined the resistance and fight against the army of the evil general Logi, which has invaded their land. Shortly thereafter, a somewhat strange boy, Noi, joins their group, who will discover to have very powerful powers, so much so as to restore the shadow to Shu and Bouquet who will soon be forced to go on a journey in search of old men entice to join forces and fight against a new mighty enemy and save humanity. The story then goes straight to life: the four main characters, Shu, Bouquet, Noi and Marumaro will be seen in action, who, having regained the shadow of Tigre, will begin to travel with Shu again. There will be an opportunity to discover some secrets about the Blue Dragon, whose past was, in the first season, hidden by a cloud of darkness.

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