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The SLASH cartoon series by Some Group

Original title: SLASH://
Matilde, Paula, Chen, Isaia, Tomoya, Cin, Cobra, Smilzo, Botte
Authors: Sergio and Francesco Manfio
Production: Some Group / RAI Fiction
Country: Italy
Year: 29 May 2011
Gender: Adventure
Episodes: 26
Duration: 26 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

- Premises of the series
- Characters
- Episodes

SLASH: // 26 X 20 '- Coproduction of Gruppo Some / RAI Fiction.
Director: Sergio Manfio - screenplay: Sergio and Francesco Manfio.
RAI Producer: Sonia Farnesi - Executive Producer Group Some: Francesco Manfio.

After the extraordinary success achieved at MIPCOM in Cannes, with sales on TV all over the world, SLASH: // finally lands in Italy, the new series conceived by Gruppo Some, which will be broadcast in PRIMA VISIONE TV by Sunday 29 May 2011 at 8,10 on Rai Due.

For the Treviso-based company - leader in Europe in the production of cartoons for boys - this is an important milestone that allows it to add a new and important segment to its offer, that of girls and boys. children aged 8 to 12.
It is precisely to them that SLASH: // addresses, a series that combines adventure and fun in an exciting duel between the 5 protagonists and the Cobra, all played on the wire of the telematic network thanks to the web network that provides the starting point for every adventure and is a world first.

A site has also been activated that gives all the information on the episodes and the locations where they take place, on the protagonists and their opponent, to participate more actively in the narrated adventures.

In the first episode we get acquainted with PAULA, MATILDE, Chen, Tomoya e ISAIAH, the nice young protagonists of the series, who are about to conclude their study stay in a college in Tuscany. Before leaving for home, an exciting nocturnal expedition to the abandoned castle of Borgo del Merlo is a must, a place that teachers have forbidden to visit.
The boys enter the castle and manage to discover a secret passage cleverly hidden by a false door of an acoustic nature: to open it you need to emit a certain note that activates the opening mechanism. Entering what turns out to be the laboratory of an alchemist monk who lived in the 800s, Sigismondo da Pietrasanta, Isaiah breaks a green stone and before returning to college, each boy collects a piece as a souvenir.
Right now we get to know the Cobra, the "villain" of the series. The cobra is always accompanied by his two Dobermans, who with their dialogues are a constant and very funny presence in the series, and he gets help from 2 rather messy henchmen.
Taking advantage of the passage opened by the boys, the Cobra also manages to enter the laboratory and find the long sought-after stone ... only it's broken! Thinking that the damage was done by one of his dogs, he too takes a piece of it and returns to his lair, which is located right in one of the dungeons of the castle.

But why was the Cobra looking for the green stone?
With a flashback we see the Cobra, a young university researcher, who during his studies had discovered that Sigismondo da Pietrasanta was able to travel by exploiting the virtues of the green stone. Precisely because of this discovery, the scholar had been mocked by the scientific community and by many colleagues, and is now animated by a very strong spirit of revenge: he keeps an eye on all those who - in the past - have wronged him, true or presumed to be, and is ready to intervene by taking advantage of every opportunity to settle the accounts.
Back in its lair, the Cobra tries to connect with the University library site and is physically inside it: it has discovered the powers of the green stone, which allowed Sigismondo to travel in space and which now, broken into a thousand pieces, still allows to travel, but via the internet. A peculiarity of the green stone that the Cobra immediately discovers is that no object can be taken out of a site ... but that will think about that Smilzo and Botte, his henchmen, after he has proceeded to hide on the spot what he is interested in stealing.

The first object that the Cobra wants to take possession of is the very famous Golden Mask of Tutankhamun kept in the British Museum.
In the meantime Isaiah, passionate about archeology, once back home visits his favorite site, that of the British Museum, and with amazement he is physically transported inside. In this way he discovers, unseen, the shady movements of the Cobra and puts back the hidden gold mask, which the next day Thin and Botte were supposed to steal.
Very amazed at the discovery of the powers of the green stone, Isaiah contacts his friends and all 5 find themselves in the castle near the campus. Here they realize that they are dealing with a very dangerous individual who, thanks to the green stone, can potentially act all over the world.

That of the boys protagonists is therefore a great responsibility: they must stop him without being discovered, and from episode to episode they will get closer and closer to his identity, which the Cobra will also do, in a sort of increasingly exciting "hide and seek".


Matilde - SLASH by Gruppo SomeMATILDE - Matilde lives in Florence and studies classical guitar. She is a very intelligent girl, observant, studious, a little shy… ultimately very different from her cousin Paula. In the adventures he lives with his friends, his acute reflections often force the group to stop and tackle the problem from another point of view in order to be able to solve it.

Paula - SLASH by Some GroupPAULA - Paula lives in Barcelona and plays the drums: her rousing and spectacular solos are famous because they can wake up neighbors for miles! Paula, Matilde's cousin, is really a tomboy and, in an attempt to stop the Cobra, thanks to her sympathy she manages to drag her friends even in what prove to be difficult or dangerous feats.

Chen - SLASH by Some GroupChen - Chen is from Beijing and plays the marimba. Like Paula, she is also very athletic and passionate about martial arts. In fact, we often see her practicing Tai Chi Chuan, always accompanied by the faithful chinchilla Cin who is perched on her shoulders. Since Isaiah seems to be in love with her, Chen takes advantage of it very often to get help ...

Isaiah - SLASH by Some GroupISAIAH - Isaiah lives in Los Angeles and plays the electric guitar. True computer mind of the group, lover of archeology, great video game enthusiast, little or no sport at all, quite clearly in love with Chen (which is why all the others in the group make fun of him): these are his features. Almost in every episode, Isaiah collides with Cin, Chen's little pet, which he calls a "colorful mouse" making him very angry!

Tomoya - SLASH by Gruppo SomeTomoya - Tomoya lives in a small village in Tibet and plays the esraj, a bowed instrument halfway between sitar and saranghi. Passionate naturalist and great connoisseur of plants and animals, Tomoya produces, but more often invents, a proverb for every occasion. Almost always the opportunity is offered by his friend Isaiah, who is good-naturedly mocked for his being too "citizen" and therefore alien to any question concerning nature, animals, etc. Tomoya's proverbs very often contradict each other but ... none of the friends see a problem!

CIN - Chen's pet is a small chinchilla, a funny rodent that lives on his shoulder but ... don't dare to call it a "multicolored mouse", as Isaiah does, because the animal is easily offended and is very vindictive! In reality, Cin is a very intelligent pet and often helps kids to get out of trouble.

COBRA - The Cobra is an intelligent and very dangerous character because he is driven by the desire for revenge towards all those who - during the years of the University - had made fun of him because of his studies on Sigismondo da Pietrasanta and the green stone. Under the Borgo del Merlo Castle, the Cobra has found the monk's ancient laboratory and uses it as a secret den for its experiments and research. From episode to episode this man gets closer and closer to the identity of the guys who are ruining his plans, in a subtle and disturbing game of cunning, skill and… luck!

SMILZO & BARREL - They are the two foolish co-workers of the Cobra. They live in symbiosis and always make their forays around the world together, trying to obey the orders of their boss with great good will and enthusiasm. Smilzo & Botte consider themselves one arm and the other the mind… even if we don't know who plays which role! Unfortunately for the Cobra his helpers are incurable bunglers, and they amuse us with their frankly surreal dialogues.

Number 1 & Number 2 - They are the Cobra Dobermans and are a constant and very funny presence in the series. The two dogs share a love for their master, even though Number 1 is more inclined to agree with him, whatever happens, while Number 2 is more critical of him. The two animals constantly quarrel with each other in a hilarious way. Their comments and philosophical reflections on being a dog are also very funny… and we discover that sometimes Number 2 would like to be born a cat !!!

The series was also developed thanks to funding obtained from the MEDIA Program of the European Union.


1. The green stone - Sunday May 29 2011
We get to know Paula, Matilde, Chen, Isaia and Tomoya, the funny protagonists of the series who at the end of their musical internship in a college in Tuscany decide to make an exciting night expedition to the castle of Borgo del Merlo. Here the boys discover a secret passage that leads to the laboratory of a monk-alchemist who lived in the 800s and Isaiah carelessly breaks a mysterious green stone into a thousand pieces.
Now we also know the Cobra, which has been looking for the green stone for years.
Before saying goodbye, the boys take a piece of the stone and return home to discover with amazement that the stone gives them the opportunity to travel in space using the internet.
A fantastic opportunity, but also the Cobra takes advantage of it to take revenge on all those who in the past have mocked him for his studies.
In this first episode we will see how the 5 protagonists manage to thwart his plan: steal from the British Museum the Golden Funerary Mask of Tutankhamun.

2. The two twin pandas - Sunday 5 June 2011
The Cobra narcotizes and hides a small panda in the Wuhan Nature Reserve, much to the desperation of Jenny, who is in charge of the cubs. Visiting his favorite wildlife sites, Tomoya discovers the Cobra's misdeeds and calls on his friends to help solve the problem. After a series of exciting adventures in the naturalistic oasis, the panda cub is found hidden among the soft toys of the oasis souvenir shop, where Smilzo and Botte had to retrieve it.

3. Matryoshka - Sunday 12 June 2011
A precious Stradivarius violin has been stolen from the Igor Roborosky house-museum! Our young friends realize that the window of the room from which the violin has disappeared has been broken from the inside and not from the outside and they decide to investigate. The violin is still in the house-museum, well hidden waiting to be taken outside with a trick, and when the two henchmen arrive on site the 5 intelligent guys have already found the hiding place of the precious instrument ...

4. The auction - Sunday 19 June 2011
The Cobra has now realized that someone must have taken the missing fragments from the green stone and is boycotting all its attempts at revenge. To find out the identity of his opponent he decides to auction off the stone. The guys realize his moves and - disguised as waiters - go to the auction house to find out more about his identity ...

5. The Gronchi Rosa - Sunday 26 June 2011
The very precious Gronchi Rosa disappears from the Philatelic Museum in Florence and mysteriously there are no signs of forced entry on the scene of the crime. The boys meet inside the museum to investigate. Speaking with the caretaker, who had been frightened by a strong green glow the night before, they immediately understand who is behind the theft and also know that the stamp must still be inside the Museum.

6. The curse of the last scroll - Sunday 3 July 2011
Famous director Gerard Portell borrowed an ancient illuminated manuscript to shoot his film but during the shooting the precious manuscript went up in smoke!
Isaiah realizes that the Cobra's hand must be underneath and makes an appointment with friends in the old abbey where the film is being shot. With a spectrometer the boys analyze one of the fragments of the burnt parchment and realize that it is recent, so only one copy has burned down and the code must have been hidden… in one of the over 300 rooms of the abbey!
Will they find him before the two Cobra henchmen?

7. The room - Sunday 10 July 2011
The boys return to the castle of Borgo del Merlo and Isaia discovers a secret entrance that leads to the Cobra refuge ... unfortunately, however, the den has recently been dismantled! Thanks to a camera, the Cobra finally sees his opponents in the face and to trace their identity he decides to consult the archive of the College of Borgo del Merlo. By mistake he leaves the school office just when the 5 friends are arriving to face him ... the moment of the meeting is only postponed!

8. Tremendous revenge - Sunday 17 July 2011
The Cobra contemplates a left-handed shot against the famous tenor Strozzi, who in a few days will play Verdi's Othello at the Los Angeles Opera House. The treacherous individual mixes a powerful potion that makes you lose your voice to the foundation that will have to be used by Strozzi to make up in the Otello and instructs the 2 henchmen to replace the two boxes. Meanwhile, Isaiah and his friends are ready to intervene and allow the tenor to obtain a great success.

9. Green paint - Sunday 24 July 2011
The Cobra seeks revenge on John Mc Dowell, the Stonehenge security officer, by tampering with the irrigation system to make the visitors fall in green rain. Needless to say, the boys manage to put everything back in place in time ...

10. The recipe - Sunday 31 July 2011
We are in Barcelona, ​​where our friends decide to prepare a lunch to celebrate Paula's birthday. To find inspiration on the menu, they decide to enter the kitchens of the restaurant of the famous Alejandro Toscani, a chef who had started his career as a cook in a university canteen where he invented the "Cobra stew". Now Toscani has just found a precious recipe and the Cobra wants to steal it from him. But the boys, who are also looking for the "perfect recipe" to celebrate Paula, thwart her plans ...

11. The stamp - Sunday 7 August 2011
Cobra wants to take revenge on Rajan, a famous Indian publisher, known for his great attention to ecology: from natural inks to recycled paper. After publishing a Cobra book, the publisher had doubts about his findings and the two broke off relations. By distracting his secretary, the Cobra manages to steal one of the publisher's stamps and uses it to prepare a fake purchase letter of fine paper from rare trees which, even sent to the press, would surely have destroyed Rajhan's reputation. But our heroes manage as always to prevent his intentions of revenge ...

12. The letter - Sunday 14 August 2011
The Cobra absolutely wants to find out the identity of the kids who too often upset his plans. To do so, the Cobra goes to the Director of the College of Borgo del Merlo and, pretending to be a wealthy patron, offers a scholarship to a young college musician to help him in the search for an unprecedented composition by Scarlatti. All scholarship applicants must also send a photo… and unfortunately Matilde falls into the trap! When the boys realize the deception in which they have fallen, they have very little time to recover the letter with the photo of their friend before it falls into the hands of the Cobra ... and this time they succeed only thanks to the help of the little rodent Cin !

13. Videogames - Sunday 21 August 2011
Cobra wants to boycott the presentation of the new Jungle operating system, created by Bill Brandon's Magrocip, which will be presented to the whole world tomorrow. His desire for revenge is explained by the humiliation Brandon had inflicted on the Cobra during his college days when he beat him in a video game. Even the 5 guys have read the news and meet at the company headquarters to preview what it is. Here they discover that the Cobra has tampered with the operating system: the only way to put things back in place is to play a game of "Depth 20.000", the video game that many years earlier had seen the clash between the two, and get to the last level. Isaiah, a great video game enthusiast, is in charge of completing the mission!

14. Own goal - Sunday 28 August 2011
Cobra, a failed and humiliated footballer in his youth, wants to steal the European Cup, won in 2006, kept in the Barcelona stadium. Thanks to the green stone he goes to the stadium's trophy room, replaces the cup with a hologram and hides the original inside the stadium model. The next day this will be recovered by his two helpers with the excuse of taking him to fix. Thanks to a bug that the boys had managed to insert into the collar of one of his two dogs, the 5 friends listen to the plans of the Cobra and immediately go to Barcelona. In this way they manage to ensure that the cup that Smilzo and Botte deliver to the Cobra is nothing more than a plastic reproduction!

15. Balloon - Sunday 4 September 2011
Paula buys Baloon magazine, discovers that the “Gold” comic drawn by Maria Cupé will soon become a cartoon and immediately warns her friends. Cobra also buys the same magazine: is he too fond of comics? For nothing. His aim is just to keep an eye on the designer to take revenge for an offense done to him during his college years. The 5 friends, curious to see some previews, meet in the Japanese studio that will do the animations following the drawings of Maria Cupé. However, they were preceded by Smilzo and Botte, commissioned by the Cobra to steal the originals ... needless to say that our heroes will notice what happened and will not only be able to put everything back in place but also to concoct a nasty surprise for the Cobra!

16. Formula One - Sunday 11 September 2011
Indanapolis circuit, Isaia is following the Formula One race, but something in one of the pits catches his attention: they are Slim and Botte disguised as mechanics. What will the Cobra have in mind, who will be its target this time and what is so interesting about a camera? All that remains is to schedule a Slashdown and try to find out more. The Cobra's evil plan will fail again this time but it will be difficult for our boys not to be discovered.

17. Remake - Sunday 18 September 2011
This time the Cobra plan looks perfect, he has come up with a perfect trap to fool the boys. Isaiah can't wait to see the premiere of Rudy Walt's latest film, but the film has been stolen and the screening postponed. The key to the mystery takes the kids to Adventure Movie studio 5 in Hollywood, right on the set of Rudy's latest movie. The boys will fall into the trap set by the Cobra and, like the protagonist of the film, they will not have much time to solve a puzzle and save their friend Paula.

18. Moon Circus - Sunday 25 September 2011
It is the year of the boar and the Moon Circus is organizing a martial dance show to celebrate the new year. For the occasion, the precious original clothes of the Great Khan will be used, and for the grand finale a shower of petals on the artists is expected. But who could have hidden among the petals of the cans of indelible paint, and what happened to the diamonds of the dress that the Great Khan used for the white festival? Only the Cobra could have devised such a plan! But between one stunt and another, the boys will be able to solve this mystery too.

19. The empire of light - Sunday 2 October 2011
Venice, Gugeenheim museum the ideal place for a Cobra revenge. Paula and Matilde are enchanted in front of Magritte's Empire of light but after careful observation Matilde realizes that the one on display is not the original, but a fake. It will certainly be the work of the Cobra! But how did he manage to get an original painting out of the museum without arousing suspicion? The answer will surely be in the museum's warehouse, the only unsupervised place where all worthless items are kept. The Cobra will discover that its plan has failed just by looking at the interview with the museum director, his former college colleague.

20. Greek Statues - Sunday 9 October 2011
The famous archaeologist Sophia Stravos has made an exceptional find: 3 commemorative statuettes of warriors who fought in the Trojan War, one of them certainly depicts the great hero Hector. The official presentation will take place at the Athens museum. But Sophia attended Highbridge University and is an old acquaintance of the Cobra. What better time to take revenge? This time the Cobra, with the help of an old friend, has organized everything to perfection, including the moves of our 5 boys and for the first time Botte and Slim complete the mission ... But Paula is smarter than the Cobra and does not will deceive appearances!

21. London smoke - Sunday 16 October 2011
The Cobra wants to take revenge on his old university friend Ceasar Smithson who on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Sherlock Holmes will exhibit an authentic pipe belonging to the great investigator. The appointment for the 5 boys is at 221b Baker Street, the Sherlock Holmes house museum, to preview the wonderful discovery, but the pipe was stolen! Like perfect investigators, the 5 boys will follow all the clues, including the traces of chocolate, and will finally be able to unravel the mystery!

22. Viking Iron - Sunday 23 October 2011
Greenland: Blink Bay, researchers from Highbridge University have made an exceptional discovery: an original Viking drakkar from the 15th century. Among the researchers there is also a former colleague from Cobra University, Professor Viren. To find out what the Cobra has come up with to take revenge this time the boys will have to go to the port in Blink Bay where the drakkar is kept. The discovery of an original Viking saw would be a real turning point for the professor's career, but if the saw turned out to be a fake all his work would be ridiculed and the Cobra would finally have its revenge.

23. Dogs and sharks - Sunday 30 October 2011
We are in Lisbon, the boys are on the beach and discussing the great event scheduled for the following day, when, at the Seaquarium, a very rare specimen from Madagascar will be presented: the coelacanth fish. For the occasion, the instructor Greg Tiburonis has organized a spectacular acrobatic number with sharks and coelacanth that will leave everyone speechless and show the courage of this new fish. But in the shark tank there is something wrong, the fish are too agitated, there must be something wrong. The arrival of Botte and Smilzo confirms that the Cobra is behind everything ... once again the 5 friends will have to prevent his plan from going to fruition!

24. Cotton candy - Sunday 6 November 2011
In the Tiffany shop in New York the wonderful Hope Diamond is about to be exhibited, the largest diamond in the world that also belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette. Matilde, a jewelry lover, cannot miss the event and decides, accompanied by her friends, to preview the diamond. Unfortunately, the Cobra arrived before them and the precious jewel has already disappeared ... The store manager is in fact Cyrus Mc Grove, he and his wife Amalia are two old acquaintances of the Cobra and the opportunity is perfect to take revenge on an ugly the joke that the two played on him in his university days. It will not be easy to find out what the Cobra has come up with to get the precious stone out of the network, the boys will have to use all their intelligence and cunning!

25. Nobel - Sunday 13 November 2011
London, Madame Tussaud's wax museum finally reopens and the kids don't want to miss the inauguration. Visiting the museum in his university days, the cobra was laughed at by all for his belief that one day among the statues there would be one dedicated to him and his incredible discoveries on green stone. Today for the inauguration the Cobra has a nice surprise for Mr. Smith ... luckily the boys with the help of the athletic Cin will be able to save all the statues.

26. Long Waves - Sunday 20 November 2011
We are the last episode, our boys finally discover where the Cobra laboratory is and decide to enter to try to put an end to his evil plans. A surprise is waiting for them: it is the Cobra, ready to get rid of them permanently with the help of the stone by sending them to the Amazon. But luckily the guys always know how to find a solution and getting back in will be easier than expected, but as easy as it was, the Cobra is not so easily defeated ...

Head of Gruppo Some press office

SLASH: // is copyright Sergio and Francesco Manfio Rai Fiction, Gruppo Some Alphanim Agogo and those entitled

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