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Pajamas of Emoji

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  • After dinner, when the whole family carves out a moment for itself and gets together in front of the TV with a lot of pajamas and slippers, it has something magical. Even children experience this moment with extreme joy and with the simplicity and spontaneity that has always distinguished them. Often they do so by wearing their favorite pajamas, the one they would never take off just because maybe a cartoon character or Emoji is printed on them.

    Pajamas cartoons characters: how to choose them according to the season

    Pajamas are a garment that children more and more often wear not only under the sheets but also during the day to be comfortable at home. In the summer the most comfortable solution is the classic and cool tank top or t-shirt combined with cotton shorts or, even better, organic cotton. In winter, on the other hand, the short models obviously leave room for long ones, made of fleece or thermal fabrics, to ensure the right warmth.
    Which colors to choose? Obviously everyone, just like your little one or your little plague.

    Make your child dream with the right pajamas

    The children need very little to turn on their imagination and often a pajama is enough with the favorite cartoons character printed on them to make them live adventures that we adults can't even imagine. And here, while for the adults a pajama remains a simple garment to wear during the night for the little ones, it represents the key to access a fantastic world, all to discover and to dream.

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