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Been born in Italy in years ' 60 from the extraordinary brace of authors which Max Bunker (the scripteriter Luciano Secchi) and Magnus (the mourning and greatest designer Roberto Raviola), the comic strip of Alan Ford and Group T.N.T.

did not have immediate happening. Two years were necessary in order to make that the personages of Alan Ford and group T.N.T. personage entered of right between the most popular and better produced Italian comic strips in the second half of the ' 900. In fact its wefts originate them decidedly and umoristiche, space from the yellow kind to the satira social, what that renders it only in its kind. The first number of the series begins just with the figure of Alan Ford, an advertising graphical young person, without a Lira that os erroneously near a store of flowers, where meets a group of improbable secret agents, these were the members of "Group T.N.T." (the acronym of the trito one it). After several vicissitudes, Alan Ford becomes therefore an agent of the group, wears a sweater perennially and of the black pants it is blond and it has the blue eyes, it is decidedly beautifulst of the group, also why the others members of the unhinged band are of the true and own caricature. Alan Ford is also much timid and bungler, this because of its provverbiale shyness that ago to blush above all of forehead to some beautiful girl, than most times succeeds in he trick as she wants. In spite of everything Alan Ford tries to carry out its job with determination and passion, what that a lot often the door to be involved itself in situations and intrigues very larger than he. The friend and connects inseparable of Alan Ford is agent Bob Rock, mark from a big nose and one low stature, garment perennially with one cape and a red cap to the Shelock Holmes . The friend of Alan Ford is always much nervous one and has an easy irritable character, this because of its strong complexes of inferiorities, which had to its physical characteristics. In its temperament the old Donald Duck remembers a lot way, that one in order to mean to us, of To the Tagliaferro. Alan Ford and Bob Rock, often and gladly are made to help from a dog from the very good scent: Cirano, an enormous Italian hound. The head of Group T.N.T. is the Number a One, old ultracentenarian (the age still is not specified) that even if paralyzed in the inferior limbs, is still active and polishes, the true operating mind of the shabby group. He has a beard the longest white woman, and is mark from two large hat forelocks on sides. He turns perennially on a wheelchair and always has in fist a stick that the servants more in order to take to blows the distracted members of the group, than for other. The Number One also is feared from all for of its bad temper. It lives in the secret shelter that on the back of the store of flowers. The skillful arm of the Number One is a gentelman on the called sessantina Cariatide, these are the vice-head and manage a store d the flowers. It has grizzled hats and it wears always one scarf on the neck, shelter of its inseparable little cavy Squitty. Cariatide makes to help in the sale of the flowers from omits bare and toothless, from the delicate health, always to taken with some cold or ailment, these is Geremia, that it carries out also the employee duties and scribbler. One of the more active persons of the group is sure the German Eight Grunf, to he must the eccentric inventions that they serve to the group in order to help them in some adventure. Eight Grunf garment as a aviator and perennially has a helmet in head with of the goggles. One of the more "wide awake" agents is without doubt the Conte Oliver, a species of Arsenio Lupin, than it is amused to steal nearly like if sport were be a matter of one. Small bomb wears always one, an eyeglass and a pair of side-whisker. In the group there is also a most likeable called parrot Clodoveo. The enemy number one of group T.N.T. and of Alan Ford it is without doubt one of the character more originates them and simpati us of the Italians comics: Superciuk, a bandit alcoholic who ago the Robin Hood to the contrary, steals to the poor ones for giving the rich ones. Garment like a superhero, with a red cape and a mask on the head and is supplied of many makes up , but its deadlier secret arm is its terrible superbreath, when it comes captured from the bunglers Alan Ford and Bob Rock, enough that Superciuk the breaths the face that these swoon. Alan Ford and group T.N.T. has known a great popolarity in Italy in 1978 as a result of the most famous one (and never forgotten) television transmission "Supergulp, comic strips in tv", the acronym of opening of the cardboard was very amusing.

In this headed group it was to the taken ones with the ill-famed Gommaflex, the bandit from the rubber face.

Although the Italian comic strip does not cross more the healthy period of years ' 70, the dawn of Alan Ford and of Group T.N.T. they continue to exit in newspaper stand, thanks to history originates them that they always face of the thematic ones puts into effect them.


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