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Original title: Tetsuwan Atomu
Texts: Osamu Tezuka
Drawings: Osamu Tezuka
Publishers: Kobunsha
Italian publisher: Panini Comics - Planet Manga

Country: Japan
Year: 1952 mm
Gender: Comic science fiction, robot, adventure
Albi Tankobon: 23 mm
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Astro Boy is the Japanese comic and cartoon character, created by Osamu Tezuka for Shonen Manga magazine in the distant 1951 until 1968 and is one of the most important characters who helped spread the manga phenomenon all over the world. Actually, the real name of Astro Boy is Tetsuwan Atom, which means Atom with an iron fist; for its graphic aspect, the author was inspired by Disney characters and in particular by Mickey mouse and especially Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio. Astro Boy is a robot created by Professor Tenma, based on the physical and cerebral characteristics of his son Tobio, who died in a car accident. Astro Boy therefore has the appearance of a little boy and also has human feelings that make him appear as a sentient being. When the scientist realizes that the robot is not able to grow and mature as his son Tobio could have done, taken by a fit of anger and despair he decides to sell it. He initially ends up in a circus as a freak, but is later redeemed by Dr. Ochanomizu, Tenma's successor in the science department, who gives him back his freedom.

astro boy

The scientist will build him a robot family and allow him to go to school like a normal child. Astro Boy is endowed with super powers, thanks to which he helps the scientist Ochanomizu to fight against wars and social injustices. Despite his great contribution to the cause of humanity Atro Boy, he is often rejected by men and in particular by his schoolmates, as they consider him only a machine. Doctor Ochanomizu will have to fight against unscrupulous men who try to get hold of the precious technology that allowed the construction of Astro Boy and so the little robot is involved in a series of exciting adventures from which he will always come out as a winner. Astro Boy was the first manga comic to be transported into a cartoon (anime), the series created from 1963 to 1966 by Osamu Tezuka himself is composed of 193 episodes in black and white and therefore can be considered rightly the progenitor of all cartoons Japanese animated characters, who inherited from him the characteristic large eyes and rounded lines. Thanks to her sympathy and kindness she has become a true icon of a world that fights for peace, against all forms of discrimination and injustice. In Italy the color version of 1980 was broadcast for a total of 52 episodes. Very similar to Astro Boy is Capitan Jet, also made by Osamu Tezuka.


Astro Boy is copyright Osamu Tezuka. All rights reserved.

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Episode titles
01. The birth of Astroboy
03. The circus of robots
04. SOS classmates in danger
05. The return of Atlas
06. Robotland
07. Frankenstein
08. The red cat
09. The castle of crystals
10. The race around the equator
11. The robot president
12. The great Damdam
13. The invisible robot
14. A sister all pepper
15. Robie and Robetta
16. Trip to Mars
17. Pirates of space
18. Trip to the moon
19. Enemy Astroboy
20. The thousand faces
21. SOS from the moon
22. The earthquake
23. The star Alsoor
24. The biggest robot in the world (first part)
25. The biggest robot in the world (second part)
26. The robot of the night
27. The time machine
28. The theater
29. Astroboy against Atlas
30. Urane in trouble
31. The locomotive in the storm
32. The subway gone crazy
33. The elephant
34. The secret of bees
35. The Clarken monster
36. Island Adventure
37. The gun that shoots on the moon
38. The solar sphere
39. The story of Rosalind
40. The robot from space
41. The three unemployed
42. Atlas saves Astroboy
43. The flying leopard
44. The big funfair
45. The space station
46. ​​Astroboy's dream
47. The robot of Uranus
48. The Viking
49. A strange legend
50. Astroboy's first love
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