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Blek Macigno - The big Blek

Original title: Blek Boulder
Blek Macigno, Roddy Lassiter, Professor Occultis, Attorney Connoly, Soshima-Taka, Captain Sanders, Shepherd Smith, Friar Calvary, Sons of the Black Dragon, Tilly Fremont, The Companions of the "Black Arrow", Nessie, The White Bison, Red jackets

Author: EsseGesse (Pietro Sartoris, Dario Guzzon, Giovanni Sinchetto)
Publishers: Editorial Dardo
: Italy
: 1953 mm
Gender: Western comic
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

After the success of Captain Miki, in 1954 the Turin trio of Esse G Esse (Sinchetto, Guzzon and Sartoris) started the saga of "Great Blek", also known by the name of"Blek Boulder". As well as for Commander Mark , the adventures of Blek Boulder they are set during the years of the American Revolution of Independence, when many trappers fought against the English redcoats of King George III. Among these appears the blond and muscular Blek Boulder, a man of Herculean strength, who solves situations with fists and heavy slaps against the unfortunate English soldiersRoddy the young trapper, which he jokingly calls "red prawns", due to the color of their uniform. Blek Macigno's comics met with considerable success especially in the 60s, due to their light and enjoyable plots. To give a touch of comedy to the stories are the two inseparable friends of Blek Macigno: the paunchy and eccentric Professor Occultis, always ready to study plans in order to deceive the English and little Roddy, a young trapper who is studying and boring lectures by the teacher, he prefers to help Blek and his friends. Blek Macigno is characterized by a marmot hair, a fur vest that covers the chest and a pair of red trousers. He mainly fights with his bare hands, but to shoot he usually uses the classic "Kentucky" rifle, used by American hunters of that time. In his adventures Blek Boulder he has not only clashed with the British, but also with pirates, warlike Indians, thieves and criminals of the worst kind. Thanks also to the ingenuity of prof. Occultis and Roddy's resourcefulness the trio has always managed to emerge unscathed and victorious even from the most intricate situations. For its part, prof. Occultis is also an expert in hypnosis and, depending on the situation, he is able to take advantage of this technique to put his opponents to sleep.

Professor Occultis, an inseparable friend of Blek boulder Blek Boulder and his friends live together with a colony of revolutionaries in a secret refuge in a forest. Blek is the undisputed leader of this group and on more than one occasion he has led the revolutionaries to victory against the well-equipped English red jackets, prepared and unbeatable in the open field, but disorganized when it comes to fighting inside the forest, where the trappers they know every little hiding place. I am at peace with all the tribes of local Indians, even if the latter are not infrequently forced by the British to take sides against Blek and his patriotic trappers. Among the various enemies who have put in serious difficulty Blek Boulder we remember Feroce Ferocio, a very bad man and equally strong and skilled with weapons, whose only mission in life is to kill Blek Macigno. He was bred by the British who kept him in captivity, teaching him all the disciplines of combat and making him a terrible war machine. But even here, after a series of events that will highlight the cruelty of this man, Blek Macigno will be able to prevail.

The great Blek represents a historical comic that contributed, like many others, to spreading the comic in Italy and still boasts a large group of passionate readers and collectors.

Blek Macigno - The great Blek and all characters are copyright EsseGesse and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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