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East End - The animated film

East End Italian poster

It will be released in cinemas on 3 Maggio 2017 the Italian animated film "East End"aimed at an adult and adolescent audience. Satirical and irreverent on the style of South Park it was created by Skanf & Puccio alias Luca Scanferla and Giuseppe Squillaci, it features Roman children waiting to see the Roma-Lazio football match, while around them the secret services are fighting a strategic war against the fight against terrorism.

Leo, Lex, Vittorio and the other little protagonists of “East End” are normal children, who live a simple and light-hearted everyday life, where a football match can fill an entire week and become the most important thing.

Inadequate adults move around children, which marginally affect the lives of their children, in a disintegrated and confused reality, where family relationships are close to dissolution. They all live in the eastern outskirts of Rome, in the brand new East End district which, in spite of itself, becomes the stage of a complicated international intertwining when, in an attempt to watch the Rome-Lazio derby for free, the children hijack the Goliath, a satellite, on the Olympic stadium super-secret military that the United States is using in the hunt for the most dangerous terrorist in the world: the notorious Al Zabir Muffat.

Thus, while the protagonists of world politics manage the strategic crisis caused by the disappearance of the satellite with ostentatious cialtroneria, the children, unaware of everything, must extricate themselves in tiring misadventures, made up of bullying, teasing and small daily problems, mirror of a reality where the extraordinary and the ordinary cross each other continuously without ever meeting.

A film where friendship, tolerance and acceptance of diversity, one's own and that of others, are the only responses to the stupidity of a world governed by selfishness and integralism.


the notorious terrorist Al Zabir Muffat

Goliath, a United States super secret military satellite

Vittorio one of the protagonists of East End

Barack Obama in the East End cartoon

The Rome-Lazio derby in the East End cartoon

Original title: East End
Country: Italy
Year: 2016
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 85 '
Directed by: Giuseppe Squillaci, Luca Scanferla
Production: Ear Cinema Slu, Galactus Srls
Distribution: Independent distribution
Exit : May 03, 2017 (cinema)

East End video trailer

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