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Italian poster for the film Green Lantern
ï ¿½ DC Comics - De Line Pictures, DC Entertainment
Green Lantern is an American film by warner bros, belonging to the action genre and out in Italian cinemas Wednesday 31 August 2011.

The plot tells the deeds of what can surely be defined as a modern superhero, or Hal Jordan a talented, but unreliable and reckless, test pilot. In the course of his daily life, Hal does not know that the future will soon play with him, through a turning point that will forever change his common life. The story of the Green Lantern movie begins with Parallax, commonly defined as an energetic ectoplasm, who escaped from his prison now threatens the entire universe through his innate strength and the distorted use of his unlimited powers. While trying to escape, Parallax mortally wounds Abin Sur, the very one who captured him who also plays a primary role, that of being the head of an intergalactic federation: defined as the Green Lantern. Thus enters the scene, in this compelling story, for the first time the name Green Lantern the galactic institution that pursues a single goal, that of protecting the universe from any threat, by first choosing and then recruiting the best. individuals from all planets. And it is Sur, who by now defeated and lacking the necessary strength to face the ectoplasm, as he is covered entirely with wounds, who takes an important decision, that of appointing a valid successor and granting him what is the symbol of the entire body of the Green Lanterns, a ring with a fluorescent light in which all the powers and faculties of a member converge, a ring capable of transforming into reality any idea, order or arrangement that comes from the mind of those who is wearing.

Defeating and above all being able to capture Parallax, is a difficult task, the monster in fact lives by feeding on the fear that envelops the entire universe and could only be defeated by that member of the Lantern who would be able to defeat his fears and above all that of death through courage. and the strength of one's will.

Green Lantern
ï ¿½ DC Comics - De Line Pictures, DC Entertainment

Precisely for this reason Sur begins a meticulous and meticulous research, ranging in every part of the entire universe. Sur's goal seems impossible, because nobody can fully represent the hypothesized ideal. But just when the games seem over, Sur's choice succeeds. A real twist of fate considering the fact that the alien finds its valid substitute in a terrestrial being, an inhabitant of planet earth, the one who will forever be the head of the galactic foundation of the Lantern. Talented, unreliable, charming but presumptuous and above all reckless, that is, devoid of any phobia and fear, Hal Jordan represents Sur's choice, despite the Green Lanterns having little respect for humans accused in the past of not being able to exploit the immense power of the ring, their symbol. Sur, however, seems convinced of his choice and above all believes in the potential of the terrestrial, as in addition to his determination and the strength of his will, Hal has a precious asset that has never belonged to the members of the alien body, namely: humanity.


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Sinestro - Green Lantern
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On his deathbed, Sur utters his last words: "the ring has chosen you, use its power to defend our universe, become one of us". The pilot's response shows all his determination: "When I am in flight I have the feeling that everything is possible even when things are going badly, because I feel that there is something good over there even beyond the horizon". Encouraged by the pilot colleague but above all childhood love, Carol, who also holds the role of boss, the young Hal in the throes of initial skepticism and irony decides to take the oath and just after having pronounced his first words "I swear fidelity to a Lantern received by a dying alien "the blinding green light that comes out of the ring makes him jump from his seat, projecting him into the alien world of Green Lanterns.

The body of the Green Lanterns
ï ¿½ DC Comics - De Line Pictures, DC Entertainment

Amazed by what has happened, but in the same enthusiastic about the job he is called to perform, Hal, however, needs to make the last step, or his final transformation in order to be part of the Green Laterns Corps. Hal is therefore taken to the distant planet Oa where his hard training begins, flanked by the severe member called Tomar-Re and the virtuous but at the same time aberrant general Kilowog. The training puts a strain on the psychic and physical abilities of the pilot, but at the end the choice of the Sur essay seems to prove to be right, especially after the progress made by the terrestrial. As an apprentice Green Lantern, Hal quickly learns his powers but knows that by facing the revived Parallax, who holds the power of fear, sooner or later he will come face to face with his deepest fears, the fear of his father's death, that of his father. envy of the friend who will then turn into the enemy from which to defend himself, and for this he will have to find the courage to defeat them definitively. The words evoked to obtain the maximum power herald the decisive confrontation with the monster Parallax: "In the brightest day, in the deepest night no evil escapes my patrol, he who loses himself in evil beware of my power". Let the fight begin.

Carol Ferris - Green Lantern
ï ¿½ DC Comics - De Line Pictures, DC Entertainment
The film therefore proposes the story of a new type of superhero, but different from those proposed in the past. This is because in this case we are talking about a hero who comes from planet Earth, a human hero and also endowed with a vein of comedy wrapped in a tone and a rhythm often like a cartoon. The most beautiful sequences of the entire film, those that see Hal engaged in the oath, in training and then in fighting against aliens of all shapes and sizes, present a rhythm that makes the plot more and more compelling, which therefore is not at all boring and trivial. In the story of young Hal there is also room for feelings; the superhero in fact will fall in love with Carol Ferris and her sensuality, and there will be many times when Hal will escape danger. The same will encourage him to keep faith with the words spoken by Sur.

Behind the sure success of the film there is the one who is considered as the American action director par excellence, namely Martin Campbell, who, using extraordinary visual and special effects and three-dimensional tricks, has certainly created an interpretation very faithful to the comic, inserting that comic component, in a character, the one represented by Hal, always over the top but always punctual in the most heroic and pathos moments. A reference could not be missing to the one who played Hal Jordan, the fascinating actor Ryan Reynolds, who after Green Lantern will be engaged in the comedy Change of Life in which he joins Jason Bateman. However, speaking of Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds himself, after publicly admitting that he was always fascinated by the superhero character Superman as a child, seems to have realized his own dream and above all to have found himself at ease in the management of an alternative alien reality and of the incredible digital suit created especially for him by director Campbell. Source:

Original title: Green Lantern
Country: Use
Year: 2011
Gender: Action / Sci-Fi
Duration: 114 '
Directed by: Martin Campbell
Official site:
Production: De Line Pictures, DC Entertainment
Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures Italy
Exit : 31 August 2011 (cinema)

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