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Auguste Gusteau is the greatest French chef, who runs a famous 5-star restaurant in Paris and writes successful books, under the motto "anyone can cook". Remy is a country rat, who lives inside a large colony of mice, which feed on garbage and sometimes make raids and raids, near suburban homes. Remy has an innate talent: endowed with an excellent sense of smell, he is able to distinguish the ingredients of which any food is made. This gift is very precious to the rat community, who must defend themselves against rat poison, potentially hidden in any food. Remy teaches his friend the importance of knowing how to choose foods and savor them, combining them with others to give rise to very tasty dishes.


One day Remy, while he had infiltrated the house of an elderly lady, attends the television program hosted by the chef Gusteau and from that moment, he discovers that his purpose in life is to become a great cook, which is impossible for a rat, the animal most feared by all restaurateurs in the world. During a general escape, Remy separates from the rat colony and ends up in the sewers that lead him to Paris. Here he recognizes the sign of Gusteau's restaurant, but discovers that the cook is dead and his successors, although good, are not up to their master.


Remy is so heartbroken by the loss of Gusteau that his soul appears to him in moments of greatest despair, encouraging him and giving him valuable advice. It happens that in the restaurant the young Linguini is hired as a scullery boy, a real landslide in the kitchen. Seeing so much horror in the kitchen by the clumsy apprentice, Remy can't help but fix the soup he was making, with some classy touches, which transform that smelly soup into a real delicacy, capable of earning a star. at the restaurant, thanks to the positive review of a famous food critic, even if the credit is attributed to Linguini.


He suddenly discovers that his work and his future is linked to a rat, so they decide to form a company. Remy will be the creative mind who, under the chef's hat, will command Linguini's movements, guiding him with pulls of locks of hair. For its part, Linguini will be Remy's body, which will allow him to express all his creative talent in the art of cooking. The unlikely couple begins to churn out such good food, which astound the customers and regain notoriety in the restaurant. Which will lead the scullery boy Linguini to take the place of the envious head cook, who will do everything to unmask his rival.


When it comes out of the cinema, it is impossible not to think of this film as a masterpiece of animation and screenplay, a film that brings the entire genre to its consecration, thus untying it from the appreciation for aesthetic and manufacturing beauty alone. In the film we find contents that lead us to reflect on the love of life and the taste of savoring the little things of every day, which anyone driven by passion and dreams can achieve great things. The script runs linearly without dead ends or boredom: everything has its purpose and its own logic. The characters are all very well characterized starting from Remy who recalls the Disney mice of Cinderella, passing through Linguini up to the food critic Anton Ego, outlined with a vampire and gloomy aspect, which will also lead to reflect on the role of the living critic of reviews.

There is no shortage of themes on the difficult emancipation of women, in purely male professions such as those of the cook. From a technical point of view it is really impressive, some scenes are so realistic that it is hard to think that the whole environment is a reconstruction in CGI; just think of the panorama of Paris or the rush of the colony of rats, so likely that they feel repugnance. The movements and expressions of the characters are very accurate, to the point that Remy does not need words to communicate with Linguini and with the public who can understand his every feeling. A film that, like "Finding Nemo" is "Toy Story"enters by right in the most important reference points of animation cinema.

Original title: 
3d animation
117 '
Directed by: 
Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava
Official site: 
Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
October 17, 2007


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