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Chialù Confalonieri toy soldiers

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Unfortunately, the type of Chialù toy soldiers does not shine for the aesthetic presentation with which they were made. In fact, it is sufficient to take as an example the model of any soldier, in this case one of the First World War: starting from the head, this is completely deformed, with a semi-oval shape flattened in the part of the skull and chin and much wider in the part of the cheeks, while the face does not seem to have the expression of a soldier at all, as it turns out to be quite anonymous and too smiling. The same thing can be done both for the hands, devoid of any texture, as if the soldier had no fingers, and for the clothing, devoid of many details, painted in a green that makes everything sad enough to see: the weapons are equally not well made, as it seems that this is melting, especially by observing the painting and the shape that has been given, which gives the impression that the soldier is holding something that does not represent a firearm at all. The toy soldiers, however, are of different types, even if many, as mentioned before, have not been made with the utmost care, indeed, someone also seems to have deformations on the head: there will be the Chialù sniper soldiers, equipped with a sort of rifle precision, the toy soldiers with the transceiver and in addition there are the canine units, also represented in a far from satisfactory way but which at least give the impression that the soldier is keeping a dog on a leash.

All these defects could be answered in the fact that most of the toy soldiers were made with papier-mâché, another detail that makes us understand how to use these models to play is very risky, as they could suffer damage at the slightest impact: even the various accessories , such as for example military bases fail to excel, on the contrary, they still present themselves with an approximate aesthetic realization, with walls that look like buildings that do not seem to be rigorously straight and therefore do not give that feeling of solidity of the military base, or as in the case of the camps of indigenous warriors, camps formed by tents that seem to rest on each other.

The vehicles are perhaps those made in a better way than models and strategic places of a battlefield: these in fact manage to be slightly more real, all thanks to the wheels and components made with plastic materials. Unfortunately, even the various vehicles have a small series of non-negligible defects: taking for example a military van, this does not have mobile wheels, and therefore must be dragged on the battlefield, while in the case of tanks, the turrets and the cannon cannot move, and therefore in a hypothetical war scenario it will be almost impossible to see the tank firing in the opposite direction from the direction of travel.

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