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Garfield 2

Garfield 2Returns to cinemas starting August 18, Garfield the famous cat from the comics by Jim Davis, known for his laziness and cunning, once again masterfully voiced by Rosario Fiorello.

This time the story is set in London and the plot is a clever mix between the prince and the poor man e the Aristocats. It all begins when Jon Arbuckle (Beckin Meyer), Garfield's owner decides to leave America to go to England, in order to ask for the hand of his eternal girlfriend Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt), the sweet veterinarian. Given the total dependence on his master, Garfield together with the dog Odie, they decide to hide in a briefcase and go undercover with Jon. In London Garfield meets Prince another cat similar to him, but with much more noble and aristocratic attitudes, in fact it is a very rich cat who has inherited an immense fortune from Lady Eleanor, his deceased mistress, who left him Carlyle's castle , treasures, land and devoted subjects. Garfield 2However, this cat is threatened by Lord Dargins (Billy Connolly), the nephew of the deceased who wants to eliminate the cat to get his hands on the rich heritage. Due to strange circumstances Garfield is mistaken for the cat heiress, so Dargins will have to deal with the cunning and cynicism of the most pragmatic and brilliant cat he could ever meet. While Prince savors with Jon, the life of a common cat, discovering the goodness of lasagna, Garfield will appreciate the life of the court where he will be looked after by a large group of butlers and servants, who will try to fulfill his every wish. Garfield 2These include the thoughtful butler Smithee (Ian Abercrombie) and a host of friendly animals consisting of the bulldog Winston, the Scottish hare McBunny, the ferret Nigel, the Spanish bull Bolero, Claudius, the mouse who knows Shakespeare by heart and Christophe the goose. French. Thanks to them Garfield will be able to form a coalition that will give Lord Dargins a hard time, managing to foil all his shady plans.

As for its technical aspect, compared to the previous film Garfield appears improved in its 3D construction, as regards the realistic rendering and movements, especially in the rendering of the fur, in the walk and in the emphasis of the comic expressions that together with the gags and hilarious jokes, constitute the true backbone of the film.

Garfield 2
Original title: 
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
Comic 3d animation
86 '
Directed by: 
Tim Hill
Cast:Bill Murray (vocals), Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lucy Davis, Ian Abercrombie, Veronica Alicino, JB Blanc
20th Century Fox, Davis Entertainment
20th Century Fox Italy
Exit : 
August 18, 2006


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