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Nick Carter

The comic

Original title: Nick Carter
Nick Carter, Patsy, Ten, Stanislao Moulinski
Authors: Bonvi, Guido De Maria
Drawings: Good
Production: RAI

Country: Italy
Year: September 14 1972
Gender: Detective / Comic animated cartoon
Recommended age: For everyone

Nick Carter, Patsy and TenMany kids of the new generations probably don't know this character, yet Nick Carter played a very important role in the diffusion of comics in Italy in the 70s. Nick Carter created between 1969 and 1970 by the famous humorous designer Bonvi (Aka Frank Bonvicini, also author of Strurm troops) and from Guido De Maria, was the first cartoon character born for television. It seems a paradox, as today with this character, it would be more logical to make a cartoon directly, yet at the time it was decided to experiment with this technique in order to popularize the heroes of printed paper, directly on the big screen. It was thanks to the RAI "special programs" manager, Giancarlo Governi, that it was decided to create a broadcast on comics with "comic" characters, that is, who spoke both with audio and with the writing on the balloons. Governments commissioned Guido De Maria to design the character that was to present the transmission, so after careful study with Bonvi, the policeman was born Nick Carter, who together with his inseparable and hilarious colleagues Patsy e This, in 1972 they gave success to the legendary transmission "GULP! Comics on TV", within which other comic cartoons were also broadcast. The success was such that in 1978 no less than in the early evening at 21,00 on RAIDUE, Nick Carter and his friends, including the annoyance Giumbolo, presented the broadcast "SUPERGULP! Comics on TV", which has now become a cult of the 70s. In this program, in addition to the stories of Nick Carter, the comics on TV will also be broadcast by: Alan Ford, Fantastic Four, Strurm troops, Tintin, Spiderman, Thor , Mandrake and many others. The name of the character Nick Carter, was taken from the stories of the New York policeman of the same name, which were published at the beginning of the 900s by the Nerbini publishing house. Nick Carter's first episode was titled "The ten dollar mystery" and served as a presentation, for the approval of the character to RAI. You can also read it on the internet, on the site, dedicated to Nick Carter and published on the occasion of the thirty years of this character, confirming the fact that Nick Carter is a multimedia character. Nick Carter is a private detective, Sherlock Holmes style, equipped with the classic clothes: raincoat, cap, magnifying glass and incredible intuition. In his adventures he is always accompanied by the hilarious Patsy, a thug the size of a wardrobe, endowed with superhuman strength, of which not even he is fully aware, as he is more naive than a child. While Patsy entertains with his hilarious gags, This he is a little Chinese, who in every situation comes up with a wise oriental proverb, in fact every one of his sayings begins with the phrase "says the wise...". All the adventures of Nick Carter are filled with famous phrases from the beginning of the story to the conclusion. Each story begins with the phrase: <As the first shadows of evening fell over New York...> and ends with Ten's sentence saying :< The wise say: all's well that ends well!> and Patsy concludes with <.. and the last one closes the door!> slamming and smashing the door with a loud bang SLAM!Nick Carter he is always commissioned by the police chief O'Callaghan to solve very complicated mysteries, where he often finds himself facing skilled bandits and secret spies, first of all the Russian secret agent Stanislao Moulinski, a master of disguises, who manages to disguise himself as anything , including cabinets and locomotives. Each unmasking of Stanislaus Moulinski from Nick Carter, ends with the famous Russian phrase that says: < Well yes cursed Carter, you won this time too!>. Even the comics of Nick Carter on printed paper they had a great success, they were published in the magazine "Eureka" and in special issues of Editoriale Corno. Among the various adventures we mention: "Circus drama","The missing hanged man","The black pearl","The forger ghost","Wheat theft","The Mystery of the Orient Express","Looking for Divingstone", "The mine disappeared" etc...

For all those who want to know this character and the mythical transmission "Supergulp! Comics on TV"The news has come these days, that the book with the DVD of the famous transmission has been released. You will find in addition to the authors' story, with a presentation by Francesco Guccini, the 60 'video containing in addition to the story of Nick Carter even the comics on tv by Alan Ford, Sturmtruppen.


Nick Carter's character, names, images and trademarks are copyright © Bonvi and those entitled. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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