Inspirational Barbie | The Vlogs of Barbie | @Barbie Italiano

Inspirational Barbie | The Vlogs of Barbie | @Barbie Italiano

Sometimes we need a little motivation to face our days! Hope you can find strength in these vlogs!

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About Barbie Vlogger:
Hello everyone! I look forward to seeing you every Friday with a new episode of my vlog! I will tell you about my life, what inspires me and all my favorite things! I like to have small challenges with my friends Ken, Harper and Ryan and with my little sister Chelsea. I hope these videos can always inspire you to be whatever you want. Remember the magic words ... Positivity Friendship Creativity Enthusiasm.


Who is Barbie:
For over 62 years, Barbie has been alongside little girls on their journey of self-discovery and has helped them imagine they can be anything they want. With more than 180 careers, Barbie and her family and friends continue to inspire and encourage new generations of girls to make their dreams come true.

Inspirational Barbie | The Vlogs of Barbie | @Barbie Italiano

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