MGA Entertainment and Zapf Creation AG announce Original Animated Series BABY born

MGA Entertainment and Zapf Creation AG announce Original Animated Series BABY born

In an innovative collaboration between MGA Entertainment, Inc. (MGA) and Zapf Creation AG, a renowned manufacturer of educational dolls, an exciting new chapter opens for the celebrated brand BABYborn®. With an illustrious 32-year history in the market and an impressive global sales record of 26 million dolls, the brand is set to embark on an enchanting new path through its first original animated series.

Scheduled for its grand debut on August 26, this charming animated series is ready to win the hearts of preschoolers and beyond. A charming cast of adorable BABY born girl Emma, ​​along with her treasured cuddly companion, Teddy, will guide children on a journey of creativity, growth and exploration. Through the magical realm of imagination, these characters will learn important life lessons, providing a unique blend of entertainment and education.

Demonstrating his commitment to inspiring young minds, the series is infused with 19 original songs, skillfully woven into 18 episodes, totaling a captivating 90 minutes of content. Each episode, carefully designed as a compact five-minute adventure, serves as a conduit through which young viewers can immerse themselves in the world of Emma and her friends. Together, they'll face a variety of social and emotional challenges, demonstrating the power of teamwork and the beauty of friendship. Delightful adventures range from flying through the skies on flying bicycles and making tasty cupcakes to overnight camping trips and refreshing dives into the depths of the aquatic world.

Anne Parducci, Chief Content Officer of MGA Entertainment, expressed her excitement for the animated series, saying: “We are thrilled to bring the magical world of BABY born to life through a colorful and creative animated series. Families will enjoy the extraordinarily catchy songs, fun themes and lovable characters.”

After anticipated English-language premieres on YouTube and Kidoodle.TV, the BABY born series is set to expand to other media platforms and languages ​​in the upcoming Fall 2023 season. This expansion promises to make the fascinating adventures of Emma and her friends accessible to an even wider audience, enriching their lives with the magic of storytelling and camaraderie.

Thomas Eichhorn, Member of the Board of Management of ZAPF Creation AG, underlined the importance of this new venture, stating: “For over three decades, BABY born has been a valuable companion for children all over the world, and this animated series it's a natural extension of the brand's commitment to creating imaginative and educational experiences. We can't wait to share the adventures of BABY born with children and their families.”

Of note, the enchantment of BABY born is not limited to just the animated screen. BABY born dolls and their accessories are available now at reputable US retailers, including Target, Walmart and Amazon. These loving companions promise to further enrich children's playtime with their loving presence.

As the premiere date approaches, the world eagerly awaits the reveal of the BABY born animated series, poised to redefine the boundaries of entertainment, learning and the pure joy of childhood imaginations.