Nickelodeon, OneSight launch children's eye health campaign

Nickelodeon, OneSight launch children's eye health campaign

More than 230 million children under the age of 15 around the world cannot buy the glasses they need. Because of this “Together for the good” the Nickelodeon International initiative e OneSight, one of the world's leading vision care nonprofits, want to reach 1,1 billion people around the world who lack access to eye care. Together they announced a collaboration on a new multi-territorial and multi-platform social campaign, called “Framing the Future”.

The launch of the campaign "Framing the Future" it will take place on 1 August and will culminate on 14 October, on the occasion of World Sight Day.  The campaign will educate children and families about the importance of eye health, clear vision and access to eye care worldwide, through multi-proprietary programming, original short modules and digital content.

Broadcast to more than 67 million families in 69 territories across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Brazil, the campaign encourages empathy, action and advocacy by highlighting solutions on a mission to help children who can To see clearly, get the glasses they need to learn more and live better.

The campaign will be supported by a digital hub (, also accessible in the United States among other regions, where children can engage in some small actions like protecting their eyes from the sun and taking breaks from their devices. These actions will translate into their commitment to be Junior Glasses Champions, supporting eye health and clear vision for all. The digital hub will also contain quizzes, surveys, timesheets, eye charts, videos and eye health facts and resources.

The network Eye Spy Toons (Spy people with eyes) will also air for a three-hour programming marathon in August, which shows episodes featuring the spectacled Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob, The House of Loud e ALVINN !!! . Spectators will be challenged to find and count the number of characters wearing glasses, while eye health information will appear during the marathon.

"Research indicates that 30% of students worldwide are unable to live up to their learning potential because they cannot see clearly in the classroom," says Jules Borkent, Executive Vice President, Kids & Family, ViacomCBS Networks International. “As millions of children around the world prepare to go back to school, Together for Good's partnership with OneSight aims to encourage families to think about their vision care needs by harnessing the power of storytelling and our global brand to educate. and support a more inclusive world. "

"Kids can learn up to twice as much when they have the glasses they need, but they don't always realize they have a vision problem," said KT Overbey, President and Executive Director, OneSight (www.onesight. org). “Through our Together for Good partnership with Nickelodeon International, we seek to educate children about the importance of routine eye exams, about looking after their eyes and about encouraging others who may need glasses. We welcome families who join OneSight in our mission to bring eye care to 1,1 billion people around the world who don't have access. ”

Viewers will be encouraged to interact with the Together For Good campaign “Framing The Future” on social media using #FramingTheFuture to join others in this important vision movement.

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