SuperTed the animated series

SuperTed the animated series

SuperTed is a children's animated series of superheroes. The protagonist is an anthropomorphic teddy bear with superpowers, created by Welsh-American writer and animator Mike Young. The idea of ​​the character was born from the need to tell his son fantastic stories, which would help him overcome his fear of the dark. SuperTed became a popular book series and led to an animated series produced from 1983 to 1986. An American produced series, The Adventures of SuperTed, was produced by Hanna Barbera in 1989. The series also aired on Disney Channel in the United States, where it became the first British animated series to air on that channel.

The Further Adventures of SuperTed (The further adventures of SuperTed) is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera and Siriol Animation in association with S4C, and continues the adventures of SuperTed. There was only one series consisting of thirteen episodes and originally aired on The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera in the United States as of January 31, 1989.

The original SuperTed, created by Mike Young, became the first British cartoon series to air on the Disney Channel in the United States in 1984. Young moved to the United States to work on multiple animated series and in 1988 made a SuperTed type cartoon sequel called Fantastic Max (originally based on the pilot cartoon Space Baby) produced by Hanna-Barbera, who decided to make a new series of SuperTeds.

This new American version takes on a more epic format, with Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton also joined by new villains. The theme song was replaced with a more American overture and the show teased all aspects of American culture, from the Grand Ole Opry to Star Wars. Only two of the original cast were used for this new series, with Victor Spinetti and Melvyn Hayes returning to dub Texas Pete and Skeleton. Unlike the original, the series used digital ink and paint.

In the UK, Mike Young and the BBC have decided to re-record the series to use the original voices of Derek Griffiths for SuperTed and Jon Pertwee for Spotty, which also involved some minor changes to the script. The episodes were also split into two parts, thus creating 26 10-minute stories, which resulted in the series not being broadcast until January 1990 on the BBC. It was repeated twice more in 1992 and 1993.




A teddy bear that has been thrown from the scraps and brought to life by Spotty's cosmic dust, which has been given special powers by Mother Nature. The main hero of the series who saves all people who need help.

Spotty Man

SuperTed's loyal friend who is a yellow alien with a yellow jumpsuit with green spots all around, who came from Planet Spot who bought SuperTed for life with his cosmic dust and flies with SuperTed on every mission, he likes that a few things were covered with stains.


Slim, Hoppy and Kitty

Oklahoma kids whose animals first proudly won the prairie rodeo but needed SuperTed's help when Texas Pete ruined their bull competition with a radio controlled bull and got them.

Major Billy Bob

The owner of the Grand Ol Opry who makes SuperTed a singing star by signing a contract after saving country music (after seeing him sing with Texas Pete with his friend Coral) at the end of "Phantom of the Grand Ol 'Opry" (l only episode in which it appears).


The boy who needed SuperTed's help when his father, Dr. Livings, was kidnapped by the polka dot tribe after a discovery in a cave of paintings in the primitive Brazilian rainforest, his only appearance was in "Dot's Entertainment."

The Space Beavers

The Space Beavers get very bad and are invited by Dr. Frost and Pengy. They are greedy trees to nibble on. Formally, they don't like SuperTed and Spotty. But they become good friends with them.


The little girl with the pet whale (who gave a good wash) who was kidnapped by Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton to find a sunken treasure and needed the help of SuperTed to save it, after being rescued rewards SuperTed and Spotty Man with a couple of Spotty bullets. Her only appearance (with her pet whale) was in “The Mysticetae Mystery”.


Spotty's little sister.

Prince Rajeash

An Indian prince who doesn't know how to make decisions. He has an uncle, Prince Pajamarama with his aide Mufti the fool. Prince Pajamarama is not happy with Rajeash. Soon, Rajeash is betrayed by Prince Pajamarama and the ugly Mufti. But luckily, Rajeash's new friends SuperTed and Spotty help him and eventually, Rajeash becomes a new raja after Prince Pajamarama and Mufti fly into the water.


texas pete

The main antagonist of the series.


Texas Pete's fat, idiotic henchman.


Texas Pete's effeminate and nervous henchman.

Polka Face

The leader of the polka dot tribe trying to sell his tribal lands. He reforms and vows to be a better man at Super Ted's urging at the end of “Dot's Entertainment”.

Bubbles the Clown

A career thief from planet Boffo who escapes from prison and enlists Skeleton and Bulk for a robbery.

Sleepless Knight - A knight who gives people nightmares.

Dr Frost - A mad scientist plotting to free the world while manipulating the Space Beavers to aid them in his plot.

Pengy - Doctor Frost's penguin henchman.

The Hairmongers - A group of aliens from the planet Fluffalot.

Julius Scissors - Co-leader of Hairdressers.

Marcilia - Co-leader of Hairdressers.

The two spies of the enemy Striped Army

Prince Pajamarama - Prince Pajamarama is the uncle of Prince Rajeash and the main antagonist of the episode "Ruse of the Raja". He and his aide Mufti become traitors to Prince Rajeash.

Mufti - Prince Pajamarama's henchman.

SuperTed Episodes

1 "The ghost of the Grand Ole 'Opry"January 31, 1989 January 8, 1990
January 10 1990
SuperTed loses his memory in a missile crash and Texas Pete calls him "Terrible Ted" and joins him in his gang with Skeleton and Bulk. In the jewelry store he ties Spottyman (who tracks the site). Then Tex starts to create musical havoc with his “I'm a big deal song” for his evening at the Grand Ol 'Opry (where Spotty brings Terrible Ted's memory back to “SuperTed” again with his cosmic dust).

2 "Points entertainment"February 7, 1989 January 15, 1990
January 17 1990
Billy's father goes missing after a “Polka Dot Trible” cave painting exhibition in a cave in the Brazilian rainforest. He comes to ask SuperTed and Spotty (who have seen a carnival on Rio Street) to come to the rescue of their missing father. then Spotty focuses on a “legendary” attraction when they arrive at Polka Dots Village (to which its leader Polka Face sells his tribal land to theme park developers, then turns into a good guy in the end).

3 "Knox Knox, who is there?"February 14, 1989 January 22, 1990 [9]
January 24 1990
Blotch (Spotty's sister) is in aid of Spotty and SuperTed's help to find Speckle the Hoparoo, our two heroes fly to a couple of planets (one desert and one arctic) where Texas Pete and his henchman Skeleton and Bulk (who kidnapped Speckle) finds cosmic dust for a gold rush that "comes to life" at Fort Knox in northern Kentucky. While SuperTed is going on, Speckle and Spotty find a recipe for catching bad guys (spilling chocolate on Bulk etc) with a banjo.

4 "The Mystery of the Mysticetae"February 21, 1989 February 5, 1990
February 7 1990
When SuperTed and Spotty are enjoying a tropical vacation, Texas Pete and his friends Bulk and Skeleton recover a sunken treasure that a whale devours, then capture a little girl named Kiki and her pet whale (who enlisted the help of SuperTed). Meanwhile, after Tex and his crew have gone scuba diving, SuperTed (who saw the big whale collar Tex put the whale in) and Spotty (who saw his lost bracelet on the boat) carry a couple of dolphins to go under the ocean to stop Kiki's kidnapping and stop Texas Pete's theft of treasure and free the whales.

5 "Texas is mine"February 28, 1989 February 12, 1990
February 14 1990

6 “Nights without sheep"March 7, 1989 February 26, 1990 [15]
February 28 1990
SuperTed and Spotty travel to Lethargy, where children all have the same scary nightmares. Ted enters their dreams to help. There he confronts the dreaded Sleepless Knight, whose goal is to give nightmares to children around the world.

7 "We got Nutninkhamun"March 14, 1989 February 19, 1990
February 21 1990
Texas Pete gets his hands on Cosmic Dust and uses it to bring an ancient mummy back to life. Then the whole gang goes to Egypt to be led by the mummy to the secret treasure. Will SuperTed be able to stop them before they steal priceless artifacts?

8 "Leave it to Space Beavers"March 21, 1989 March 12, 1990
March 14
A villain named Dr. Frost and his henchman Pengy (a penguin-type character) plan to destroy the world by freezing it while tricking the Space Beavers into eating the trees of the world.

9 "Bubbles, bubbles everywhere"March 28, 1989 January 29, 1990
January 31 1990
After SuperTed declared Texas Pete Public Enemy No. 1, a bad clown named Bubbles steals the title of Public Enemy # 1. 33 of Texas Pete after a casino robbery and becomes Bulk and Skeleton's partner in a plan to rob a diamond museum. Texas Pete chats with SuperTed and Spotty to help him get rid of Bubbles and his dog in two big bubbles. SuperTed rewards Texas Pete by declaring him public enemy no. XNUMX.

10 "Goodbye my lovely places"April 4, 1989 March 19, 1990
March 21
Spotty's points have been stolen and it appears Texas Pete is the culprit. Only a ransom of cosmic dust will bring them back. In a brilliant investigation, SuperTed discovers that it was always the job of a Texas lookalike Pete!

11 "Ben Fur"April 11, 1989 March 26, 1990
March 28
SuperTed and Spotty travel to the "Kids Town Satellite". SuperTed chronicles his adventures on the planet "Fluffalot" where he defeated the Hairmongers and their leaders, Julius Scissors and Marcilia in a series of "Ben Hur" type races.

12 "Spotty earns her streaks"April 18, 1989 April 2, 1990
April 5 1990
Spotty is drafted into the spotted army. He becomes the oblivious unaware of the two enemy striped army spies, who plan to invade the planet. Will SuperTed be able to help his friend in time to repel the invasion?

13 "The deception of the Raja"April 25, 1989 March 5, 1990
March 7
A young Indian prince asks SuperTed to help him become a better ruler. But the prince's evil uncle, Prince Pajamarama, wants to wrest the kingdom with his aide Mufti. Only SuperTed can thwart his bad plans.


The character was created by Mike Young in 1978 to help his son overcome his fear of the dark. Young later decided to translate the stories into book form, originally as a woodland bear who was also afraid of the dark, until one day Mother Nature gave him a magic word that turned him into SuperTed. His first attempts were unsuccessful, until he made some changes with the help of a local print shop and was finally able to publish his stories about him. This led Young to write and publish over 100 SuperTed books, with illustrations by Philip Watkins, until 1990. Soon after the publication of his first book, his wife suggested that he produce a plush version of SuperTed, which was made in 1980.

Young was determined to keep SuperTed Welsh, as he wanted to help create local jobs and show that places outside London were talented. In 1982, S4C asked to turn SuperTed into an animated series, but Young decided to create Siriol Productions to produce the series himself. Siriol's management wanted to create SuperTed in a way their children could be proud of, free from easy plots and uncompromising violence. This concept continued to be adopted in all of Siriol's series, which demonstrates that "soft edge and quality animation can be more attractive to children than any amount of violence." By November 1982, the series had been sold in over 30 countries.

In 1989 Mike Young partially sold the rights to the series, with a 75% stake in SuperTed acquired by the newly formed Abbey Home Entertainment with Young keeping the other 25%. The property nowadays belongs to AHE's successor company Abbey Home Media along with Mike Young.

Technical data

Written by Mike Young
Developed by Dave Edwards
Regia Bob Alvarez, Paolo Sommers
The creative director Ray Patterson
Voices Derek Griffiths, Jon Pertwee, Melvin Hayes, Vittorio Spinetti, Danny Cooksey, Tres MacNeille, Pat Fraley, BJ Ward, Frank Weker, Pat Musick
Music John debney
country of origin United States, United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of episodes 13
Executive producers William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
The manufacturer Charles Grosvenor
Duration 22 min
Production company Hanna-Barbera Productions, Siriol Animation
Distributor World Vision Enterprises
Original network syndicated
Audio format stereo
Original release date 31 January - 25 April 1989