The Incredibles 2 – The 2018 Disney Pixar animated film

The Incredibles 2 – The 2018 Disney Pixar animated film

The world of animation was literally overwhelmed in 2018 by a title that was able to combine action, emotions and humor like few others: we are talking about "The Incredibles 2", written and directed by the skilled hand of Brad Bird and produced by the renowned Pixar Animation Studios, in collaboration with Walt Disney Pictures.

Sequel to the famous “The Incredibles – A 'normal' family of superheroes” from 2004, this film represents Pixar's 20th animated feature film. The unmistakable family of superheroes is back in action, this time with a mission: to regain public trust in superheroes. However, in doing so, they find themselves facing a new adversary who aims to turn public opinion against all "supers". New faces have been added to the historic cast, made up of actors of the caliber of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell and Samuel L. Jackson, such as Huckleberry Milner, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener and Jonathan Banks.

The soundtrack, a fundamental element of every successful film, sees the return of maestro Michael Giacchino, who had already collaborated on the first film.

Brad Bird, after the triumph of the first "Incredibles", deliberately postponed the making of the sequel to dedicate himself to other film projects. With “Incredibles 2”, the director's goal was clear: to distance himself from the clichés of the superhero genre that invaded the cinema scene in the years following the first chapter, focusing instead on the family dynamic.

The success of “Incredibles 2” was overwhelming. With grosses of over $1,2 billion worldwide, it positioned itself as the fourth highest-grossing animated film ever, preceded only by titles such as “Super Mario Bros. – The Movie”, “Frozen – The kingdom of ice” and “Frozen II – The secret of Arendelle”. In the Pixar panorama, it holds the box office record, even surpassing “Toy Story 3 – The Great Escape”.

Critics did not remain indifferent to this masterpiece: welcomed with enthusiasm by both reviewers and the general public, "Incredibles 2" received numerous nominations and prestigious awards, including the Oscar for Best Animated Film 2019, the Golden Globe and BAFTA, although it gave way to “Spider-Man – Into the Spider-Verse” in some of these categories.

The story of The Incredibles 2

2018 marked the return of the iconic superhero family to the big screen. Following the concluding events of the first chapter, “Incredibles 2” opens with an adrenaline-pumping action sequence. The Parr family, better known as the Incredibles, confront the evil Underminer in an attempt to stop him from looting the Metroville bank. With the indispensable help of Siberius, the confrontation becomes tumultuous, culminating in massive damage to the city.

After the battle, the Incredibles find themselves dealing with the repercussions of their heroic actions. The destruction caused leads the government to shut down the superhero protection program, leaving them without any financial support. Meanwhile, an oversight reveals Violetta's secret identity to her admirer, Tony Rydinger. Agent Dicker, trying to resolve the situation, erases Tony's memory, an act that will have significant repercussions on the young superheroine.

In an attempt to redeem the image of superheroes in the eyes of the public, Winston Deavor, a telecommunications tycoon and great admirer of superheroes, and his sister Evelyn, present a bold proposal. They offer secret missions to Elastigirl (Helen), Mr. Incredible (Bob) and Siberius, which will be recorded and broadcast to the public. Their goal? Restore trust and admiration towards superheroes.

Winston's choice initially focuses on Elastigirl, whose less destructive nature makes her the ideal candidate for the mission. While Helen finds himself on the front lines, Bob faces the daily challenges of being a stay-at-home parent, dealing with Flash's school problems, Violetta's broken heart, and Jack-Jack's growing and unpredictable super abilities.

During her mission, Elastigirl finds herself having to face a new adversary: ​​the Screen Mesmer. This mysterious enemy is able to manipulate people's will through hypnotic images projected on screens. As the Screen Mesmer's diabolical plan unravels, the Parr family and Siberius must join forces to stop the threat and save the day.

In addition to the action, the film delves into the family dynamic of the Incredibles, offering moments of reflection on the challenges of modern parenting, social expectations and the role of superheroes in society.

With a perfect mix of emotion, action and humor, “Incredibles 2” proved to be a worthy sequel, reaffirming the undisputed charm of cinema's most beloved superhero family.

Characters from The Incredibles 2

The Parr Family: The Incredibles

  • Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible: A family man with a heart of gold, Bob possesses superhuman strength and near-total invulnerability. In the film, he takes on the difficult role of a stay-at-home parent, often offering moments of comic relief.
  • Helen Parr / Elastigirl: The indomitable Parr mother can take on incredible shapes thanks to her ability to extend her body. In the sequel, she is at the center of the action, representing the public image of superheroes.
  • Violet Parr: The duo's teenage daughter, in the midst of her teenage crisis, can become invisible and create force fields, proving to be a valuable asset in battles.
  • Dashiell “Flash” Parr: Energetic and impatient, Flash hurtles at super speed, leaving a trail of trouble and laughter in his wake.
  • Jack Jack Parr: The youngest and most striking member of the Parr family. In the sequel, his multiple superpowers become a central topic, creating situations both hilarious and unpredictable.

The Allies

  • Lucius Best / Siberius: Bob's dear friend, gifted with the power of cryokinesis, returns with his trademark humor and ability to create ice.
  • Edna Fashion: The iconic superhero stylist returns, showing an unexpected affinity with little Jack-Jack.
  • Winston Deavor: Enthusiastic entrepreneur, leads DevTech with his sister Evelyn. His passion for superheroes leads him to finance a campaign to rehabilitate their public image.
  • The Hero Apprentices: A group of new superheroes who aspire to take action. Among these stand out Voyd, capable of creating portals, and Reflux, an elderly hero who spits boiling lava.

The Antagonists

  • Evelyn Deavor/Screen Hypnotizer: Behind the veneer of DevTech's technological mastermind, Evelyn hides dark secrets. Aiming to manipulate minds through advanced technology, she becomes Elastigirl's chief nemesis.
  • The Miner: Already familiar to fans of the first film, he returns with his destructive plans, evoking images of classic comic book villains.

Production of The Incredibles 2

After the great success of "The Incredibles", expectations for a sequel were sky high. But what is really behind the production of “Incredibles 2”, one of the most anticipated sequels ever?

Development After the first film, Brad Bird had immersed himself in directing another project for Pixar, “Ratatouille”, released in 2007. Despite the busy schedule, Bird had always had the possibility of a sequel to “The Incredibles” in his heart. But not just any sequel: he wanted something that could truly compete, if not surpass, the original. In 2013, he revealed that he had several ideas in mind and a deep affection for those characters. The beating heart of “Incredibles 2” therefore arises from Bird's desire to further explore the family dynamic, rather than the superhero aspect in itself.

At Disney's 2014 shareholder meeting, it was made official that Pixar was working on a sequel, with Bird serving as both director and screenwriter. A promise kept, given that already in 2015 Bird began working on the screenplay, positioning the sequel as his next big project after “Tomorrowland”.

Film script One of the main challenges in writing “Incredibles 2” was the changing cinematic landscape. In a world now inundated with superhero films and TV series, how could “Incredibles 2” stand out? Bird's answer was clear: focus on family. Once again, it is not so much the high-altitude adventures or epic battles that are at the center, but rather the daily life, challenges and joys of a family. Bird also wanted to use some new ideas from the first film, focusing on the character of Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl.

Entrainment From a technological perspective, the developments in the animation industry since the first film was released have been remarkable. Pixar was able to take advantage of new animation techniques and an experienced animation team. This involved a complete remake of the characters and settings, with greater attention to detail, such as the use of physically based human eye models.

Casting The voice cast saw many old favorites return, like Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson, along with new additions like Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener. The original voice of Flash Parr, Spencer Fox, was replaced by the young Huckleberry Milner.

Promotion Promotion of the film kicked off with a teaser trailer released in November 2017, followed by numerous other trailers and spots. The promotional campaign generated huge interest, with the teaser setting viewership records.

Distribution “The Incredibles 2” premiered in Italy at the Giffoni Film Festival in July 2018, before being released in theaters on September 19 of the same year.

A path full of challenges and innovations, which brought the continuation of a story loved by many to the big screen. The production of “Incredibles 2” is a clear example of the commitment and passion that Pixar puts into each of its projects.

Incredibles 2 film sheet

  • Original title: Incredibles 2
  • Original language: English
  • Country of Production: United States of America
  • Year: 2018
  • Duration: 118 min
  • Report: 2,39:1
  • Gender: animation, action, comedy, adventure
  • Directed by: Brad Bird
  • Subject: characters created by Brad Bird
  • Film script: Brad Bird
  • Producer: John Walker, Nicole Paradis Grindle
  • Executive producer: John Lasseter
  • Production house: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
  • Distribution in Italian: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Photographs: Mahyar Abousaeedi, Erik Smitt
  • Mounting: Stephen Schaffer
  • Special effects: Bill Watral
  • Music: Michael Giacchino
  • Scenography: Ralph Eggleston
  • art director: Nathan Fariss, Anthony Christov
  • Character design: Tony Fucile, Deanna Marseillese
  • Animators: Alan Barillaro, Tony Fucile, Dave Mullins

Original voice actors:

  • Craig T. Nelson: Robert “Bob” Parr / Mr. Incredible
  • Holly Hunter: Helen Parr / Elastigirl
  • Sarah Vowell as Violetta Parr
  • Huck Milner: Dashiell Robert “Flash” Parr
  • Eli Fucile: Jack-Jack Parr
  • Samuel L. Jackson: Lucius Best / Siberius
  • Brad Bird: Edna Mode
  • Bob Odenkirk: Winston Deavor
  • Catherine Keener: Evelyn Deavor / Screen Mesmer
  • Sophia Bush: Karen Fields / Voyd
  • Isabella Rossellini: Ambassador Henrietta Selick
  • John Ratzenberger: Miner
  • Barry Bostwick: Mayor of New Urbem
  • Paul Eiding: Gus Burns / Reflux
  • Phil LaMarr: Tom Current / He-Lectrix; Blitz Wagner / Krushauer
  • Dee Bradley Baker: Strig Tyton / Screech
  • Deirdre Warin: Concretia “Connie” Mason / Brick

Italian voice actors:

  • Fabrizio Pucci: Robert “Bob” Parr / Mr. Incredible
  • Giò Giò Rapattoni: Helen Parr / Elastigirl
  • Alessia AmendolaViolet Parr
  • Giulio Bartolomei: Dashiell Robert “Flash” Parr
  • Ilaria Stagni as Jack-Jack Parr
  • Maximum Crow: Lucius Best / Siberius
  • Amanda LearEdna Mode
  • Stefano Benassi as Winston Deavor
  • Ambra Angiolini: Evelyn Deavor / Ipnotizzaschermi
  • Tiberio Timperi: Chad Brentley
  • Bebe Vio: Karen Fields / Voyd
  • Isabella Rossellini: Ambassador Henrietta Selick
  • Ambrogio Colombo: Miner
  • Oliviero Dinelli: mayor of New Urbem
  • Enrico Pallini: Tom Current / He-Lectrix
  • Angelo Nicotra: Gus Burns / Reflux