“Futurama”: A Christmas Episode Full of Surprises

“Futurama”: A Christmas Episode Full of Surprises

The world of animation often gives us unforgettable Christmas episodes, and this year "Futurama" doesn't seem to be outdone. Fans of the series, broadcast on Hulu, will have the pleasure of meeting some iconic characters in an episode that promises not only laughter, but also a pinch of melancholy.

Holidays and Family Voices

In the new episode entitled “I Know What You Did Next Christmas” (I know what you will do next Christmas), broadcast on August 29, 2023, Robot Santa, Chanukah Zombie and KwanzaaBot were seen returning to the small screen. The latter is voiced by Coolio, a famous Grammy-awarded rapper who recently passed away. In fact, it will be the artist's last appearance in the series, a tribute that makes the episode even more special.

A Journey Through Time

The plot of the episode promises to be compelling: we go back to Christmas 2801, when a malfunction in Robot Santa's programming leads him to consider everyone as "NAUGHTY", or "bad guys". The Professor, with the intention of putting an end to this injustice, decides to use a time machine and to correct the programming error of the Robot Santa, thus ensuring a peaceful Christmas for everyone.

But as often happens in the adventures of "Futurama", things don't go as planned. Bender and Zoidberg, left alone because of the holidays, end up spending a rather eventful Christmas, between alcohol, moments of sharing and a crazy plan to kidnap Santa.

Futurama: A Series that Never ceases to Surprise

Despite a ten-year hiatus, season 11 of "Futurama" continues to keep its promises, offering episodes full of humor and reflections. An exceptional vocal cast, with John DiMaggio, Billy West, Katey Sagal and many others, guarantees top performances.

In conclusion, the Christmas episode of "Futurama" will not only be a moment of fun and laughter, but also an opportunity to say goodbye to a great artist like Coolio, whose contribution to the series will remain indelible in the hearts of fans. All that remains is to tune in to Hulu and let yourself be carried away on this space-time journey on Christmas Eve.

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