Dino Pops – The children's animated series of 2023

Dino Pops – The children's animated series of 2023

In the fascinating world of children's animation, few things spark as much interest as dinosaurs. “Dino Pops”, the series that brings these prehistoric giants to life in a modern and fun context, is about to return with a new season that promises even more adventures and laughter.

The World of Dino Pops

The magic of “Dino Pops” lies in its ability to combine the ancient world of dinosaurs with the modern elements that children love. He imagines a T-Rex sipping an ice cream cone or a Velociraptor aboard a racing car: these are just some of the hilarious scenarios that the series offers. This blend between past and present makes “Dino Pops” an inexhaustible source of entertainment and education.

Details on Season Two

Produced by Mobius Kids Lab, “Dino Pops” is about to launch its highly anticipated second season. After the great success of the first season, which debuted on May 25, 2023 on the Peacock channel with six episodes of 19 minutes each, the production team decided to renew the series. The episodes of the first season offered a journey to discover different dinosaurs, from the famous T-Rex to the Spinosaurus, passing through the Triceratops and the small Mussaurus.

The second season, under the guidance of executive producers Ailing Zubizarreta, Nico Ferrero and Maria Benel, is ready to offer new adventures and once again immerse young viewers in a world where dinosaurs interact with the modern world. The expected release date for the first episode of the new season is September 28, 2023, again on the Peacock channel.

A Team of Excellence

“Dino Pops” can count on a team of industry professionals. The first season, written by Matt Doyle and produced by Ailing Zubizarreta, has already demonstrated the high quality of the project. Now, with the addition of Maria Benel and Nico Ferrero as executive producers, you can expect only the best for the new season.

Where to Watch “Dino Pops”

If your child is a dinosaur fan and hasn't discovered “Dino Pops” yet, they can catch up on the first season on the Peacock channel. The second season will be available on the same platform starting September 28, 2023.

In conclusion, “Dino Pops” is the ideal animated series for all children who love dinosaurs and want a mix of learning and fun. Don't miss the appointment with the new prehistoric adventures!

The story of Dino Pops

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to meet a Velociraptor, or watch the speedy Carnotaurus race, “Dino Pops” is the answer to your prehistoric dreams. This animated series takes young viewers on a journey through the eras, introducing the most charismatic protagonists in Earth's history.

Speed ​​and Predation: From the Speed ​​of the Velociraptor to the Imposition of the Allosaurus

The Velociraptor, famous for its lightning speed, is not the only dinosaur that stands out for its athletic skills. We also meet the Carnotaurus, known for its incredible speed, and Iggy, the Iguanodon, a dinosaur with a fascinating character. But among them all, Allosaurus stands out as the supreme hunter, a perfectly calibrated predatory machine.

Prehistoric Melodies and Giants of the Past

While some dinosaurs are famous for their strength or speed, others stand out for unique characteristics. Parasaurolophus, for example, with its musical crest, seems to have an innate talent for melody. Together with him, we discover the Pachycephalosaurus with its curious domed skull and the gigantic Giganotosaurus, a true giant of the Mesozoic era.

A Leap in Time: Between the Eras and Their Wonders

With “Dino Pops”, time travel through the eras becomes an unforgettable experience. From the lightning-fast Dilophosaurus of the Jurassic era to the mighty Stegosaurus with its deadly thagomizer, each era has its protagonists. And how can we forget the undisputed king, the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Cretaceous period, or the ancient Eoraptor of the Triassic?

In the Heart of the Cretaceous and the Surprises of the Jurassic Era

The Cretaceous period reserves us encounters with the ultra-athletic Carnotaurus, the small and nocturnal Velociraptor, and the Spinosaurus, a predator capable of living both on land and in water. But it is the Jurassic era that gives us one of the most tender scenes: the discovery of a baby Mussaurus, an adorable Fruitadens the size of a teacup, and the encounter with the colorful Dilophosaurus.